Beautiful weekend

After about two weeks of rain, wind, tornadoes, lightning and thunder we FINALLY had a sunny day on Saturday. I was incredibly grateful because the boys and I were heading to a BBQ and if it rained it would be indoors - not a good idea with A.

So this is where we spent our Saturday:


And I promise you, the pictures do not do it justice!


The boys had a great time:



And A only gave me one really good scare. He refused to go in the water so instead he and I sat on the dock while Z swam. In a second he took off...flying down the dock with no intention of stopping. I just KNEW he was going to run right over the edge and I was going to have to dive in after him...but he didn't. He stopped at a couple that were enjoying the sun to show them his firetruck. Ugh!


There was a great swing set that the kids enjoyed most of the afternoon. It was, however, directly under the trees and had accumulated a number of spider webs. Both my boys are terrified of spiders. Z tried to clean it up to the best of his ability with a stick but every once in a while A would let out a shriek because one got too close to him.





I did learn that as long as I am alone with my children I will never again have the opportunity to carry on a conversation. I left at least three conversations right in the middle to chase A down. I swear that he knows when my attention is not completely on him and he takes full advantage of it.

The people who say that autistic kids are dumb and don't have the ability to learn - well, the never met my kid (or the other autistic kids that I know). He is too stinking smart for his own good (and mine for that matter).

So, unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy my fellow auction volunteers as much as I would like but we did have a great time.

Sunday we took off for the movies. When I checked the weather report on Saturday it said rain all day for Sunday. I figured it was a great time to spend the day indoors.

When we woke up it was sunny. When we got to the movie theater it was sunny. All during the movie it was sunny. Driving home from the movies to Grampie's was sunny. On the way home from Grampie and Nana Sue's the skies opened up. In fact, it was kind of a scary ride - downpours, lightning, hydroplaning...but we made it.

Nana Sue came with us to the movies. Another thing I have learned is that A and movie theaters do not mix. He has every intention of sitting still and he really wants to see the movie but an hour and a half is way too long.

Consequently, I do not bring Z and A to the movies by myself. It would mean leaving Z in there alone every time A decides it is too much for him or taking Z out...which isn't fair.

Thankfully, Nana Sue is an amazing grandmother and loves spending time with the boys. I also think that she enjoys those kids movies as much as they do. Anytime I am thinking that the movies are a good idea I give her a call.

So the four of us headed out to see Kung Fu Panda.


From what I saw of it (which was maybe half), it was very enjoyable. It was a little more violent then I expected and I was a bit fearful that Z would try and become the panda...but all is well thus far.

Bedtime was eventful for me. Kirby usually puts the kids to bed (mainly A). A does not do well with change and Mommy putting him to bed is change. We spent both nights fighting the hour+ before sleep FINALLY came. I threatened him with violence (not out loud, but in my head), I threatened him with friends (mine, not his, I told him that J would call and be very angry that he wasn't sleeping), I threatened him with school (although taking school away would be more of a punishment to me than him). Eventually he knocked himself out...or I did from the constant banging of my head against the wall...

It was an eventful weekend. The kids were, mostly, worn out. We had a great time. And, honestly, I am ready for my weekend off!


Lynda said...

Congrats on being featured by SITS! Sounds like you had a nice weekend - minus the spiders, of course.

Christy said...

The pics are beautiful! I miss that lake sooo much! But less than 2 weeks and I'll be there! Yay (let me know if you want to get together for a drink or something?)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend for the kids - tiring for you though! I know the feeling!! Bedtime was a chore for me last night, maybe it was a full moon or something strange?