Beware of the car killer.

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Have I told you all before that I have the ability to run ANY vehicle into the ground? I do. Honestly. Every vehicle I have owned (and I have owned MANY) has dropped dead...usually while I am driving it.

My "Bovine" (my very first car...LOTS of good memories from that car) died on the way home from work one night. I blew a head gasket. My Colt died on the way TO work one day...the engine seize. A CV joint broke on one of the mini vans we have owned while I was driving home. I drove our Escort into 3 other cars...oh, the list goes on and on and on.

Most recently this was our van...yes...our NEW van. Of course, it was only new to us and had plenty of miles on it but, honestly, we bought it in May and I have already killed it.

Driving along, taking a break from my life, all of a sudden I hear a loud bang and the van lurches. I seriously thought I had hit something. I pulled over, nothing in the road, cars moved along past me oblivious to whatever had happened to me. I look under the hood and something is POURING out. Who knows what it was...I suspect transmission fluid.

I was not too far from home and figured I would just turn around and try to get back there. Nope. Not going to happen. The entire van starts to shake and rumble...the engine is rattling so loudly I can't even hear myself. What to do? Well, I parked it and walked home. In my white t-shirt in the pouring rain (Mommy boobies, wet t-shirt...the two don't mix...matter of fact, my boobies in a wet t-shirt have NEVER mixed...but that is for another blog).

So now I am driving the "old" van (yes, the one that we ripped a hole in the oil pan that Kirby patched with some fake metal filler stuff). Except for today.

Today I drove the Civic...but that's another story.


Molly said...

The only car that ever died on me was one that was given to me, as in I had no car payments and it was a great car. 3 months later, it was dead!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I saw a comment you made on someone elses blog about going through a separation and how scarey it is to let your kids go and not be in control of what's happening to them.

My husband and I are separated and he gets our girls every other weekend. It scares the heck out of me when I talk to the girls and my 5-year-old talks about going across the street to visit the neighbors and no one is watching her (the neighbors are fine - and I know they are watching out for her, but her DADDY should be the one doing it)

So... I just wanted to say I so know how you're feeling...

Molly said...

No one will ever care for your child/children the way you would, not even their fathers. I have to say that I get along well with my ex's partner and am relieved she is around because she really takes good care of my son. It's hard ladies when you go through this, it has been three months for me now and Ned was only 9 months when we split, but it will get better, I promise. I am lucky in that I have sole custody, but my son needs his relationship with his dad, but like everything else, there are conditions. If you are uncomfortable with anything, you have to discuss this with your ex, and not in front of the kids. Thinking of you both!