Busy weekend

Just a quick note, nothing impressive.

We have an incredibly busy weekend! This afternoon the boys and I are going to a BBQ for the NHPTV Auction volunteers. The BBQ is right on Lake Winnipesaukee in a BEAUTIFUL location. I love these people and don't get to spend nearly enough time with them.

I am thinking that we might head to the drive in tonight...not sure if I have the energy or the strength to do that...

Of course, if we don't go to the drive in tonight it means that we will go to the movies tomorrow. The bonus of the drive in is that there is no escaping for A...and I won't have to chase him, and if he gets loud the only people his is annoying are Z and I.

It is suppose to rain all day tomorrow (although, we are use to the rain by now...did you all hear about the TORNADO that hit my town?). I think it has rained most everyday for the past two weeks. So, keeping these two young men occupied during a rainy day is never fun...maybe we will hold off on the movies until tomorrow.

What have you mommies seen lately in the theater that you recommend for a 6 and 8 year old (and NO I absolutely WILL NOT take them to see Dark Knight)? We are thinking either Kung Fu Panda or Space Chimps. I would really prefer the panda movie but Z was suppose to go see the chimps on Thursday with Rec and the theater couldn't fit them all so he has his heart set.

I hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend!

**SHOOT! I just checked the drive in and there is NOTHING playing for the kids...Journey to the Center of the Earth is playing but it is the second show...first is Dark Knight. STINKERS!**


Molly said...

So glad you won't be taking them to Dark Knight - thank you for being a responsible parent!

We saw Kung Fu Panda and it is very cute. I don't know about the other one as we haven't seen it yet.

Rhea said...

I've seen both Kung Fu Panda and Space Chimps with my boys this summer and both were really cute.

Congrats on being on the SITS Saucy Blog list this week!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Awww bummer...there's always tomorrow!

Crazy Momma said...

I'm SO excited to be on the Saucy Blogs!! Yeah!

Christy said...

Movies are tough with kids sometimes & there doesn't seem to be anything great out for them right now. I'm dying to see Dark Knight, but obviously not a kids movie. I hope you figure something out! :)

JenniBeanV said...

Yay! A New Englan SITSta! :D I love Lake Winnipesaukee!