Blogging for Life...

Due to the changes that will soon be taking place (see my recent post Small Town. Big Talk) I am in the need of making some extra money. And since we have already decided that wet t-shirt contests are not the way to go (see THIS post), I am considering finding ways to learn some new skills, expand my blog, and start to market it.

Of course, I will have to make some changes on the blog front (spiff it up) and visit LOTS more blogs to not only spread my name but to learn about what makes their blog so popular.

I don't expect that I will ever be able to quit my job and make blogging my full time career (like Dooce - see my bloglist). I don't even expect that I will make enough to cut out a regular client. But a few extra bucks here and there...I certainly won't turn it down.

So, my faithful readers (and this includes YOU LURKERS - I KNOW you are out there), tell me what you want to see. Tell me what you look for in a good blog. Tell me your favorite blogger (and what makes them your favorite). What annoys you when you visit a blog? Spill it - I want all the juicy, saucy details!

Help a soon to be single mommy out!

AND, did you all notice that I have learned to link??? Thank you, Mama Kat!!

And lastly, check out my poll to the right and take a second to vote!


Nicki said...

how do you link? and what annoys me lol and I hate to say it because you do it is the work verification thing on the comments lol

Jessi said...

I am annoyed by the word verification too, and when I visit a blog that ALWAYS plays music. I like it occasionally, but some always play it and I find it invasive.

Another peeve, I dislike when a post is polluted with bad grammar. It makes me feel like the writer doesn't take pride in their writing. I understand that from time to time there is an error, but spell check and proof read!!

I really like when there are actual conversations in blogs, as well as pictures.

Insane Mama said...

I like to read blogs about real life, good or bad funny or not. I like little updates here and there to give readers a view into the writers head. I will go vote now

Molly said...

I'm the same as Insane Mama, I like reading about real life. And I dislike music on blogs. And a million different ads, I don't mind some ads. Maybe you should get some ads for single parents - sorry everyone, but all the blogs I read with the exception of yours, everyone is a couple. And definitely write about how your separation is going, if you can bear to. It is amazing how good it feels to share things and the responses you will get.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Other than the top 4-5 women bloggers, are any of them making money??? Everyone I talk to gets about $1.50 every 3 months from their Google ads. Of course, there could always be a book deal? But ....??? How easy is THAT?

Crazy Momma said...

Nicki: Linking is SO easy! All you do is highlight the word you want linked (like I highlighted Mama Kat), click on the button at the top of the new post section that looks like a chain link fence (in between the i and the "), put the url address in the pop up and WHALA - you have linked!

Of course, I can only do it on blogger :)

Jessi: I do my vry bst to crrect ll gramr b4 i post. sometms i half to edit it a miiln timz. i apalagze 4 ne bed grmer. :)

Insane and Molly: I do my best to "keep it real". I will continue doing that.

24: you are right. I don't think I will make much money...but it's worth a shot, right :)

AND NO MUSIC! I HATE the music on other people's blogs!

Thank you all for your advice...I will consider taking down the word verification.

Heather said...

Yep, spiff up the digs
Keep the posts relatively short and to the point
No music
Take off your word verification
Just keep being the fabulous "you"
Sell ad space instead of hosting big ad houses (this is proving way harder than I thought, but it's the way to make money)
Have fun with it and use it to sharpen your writing skills for that book deal.

Molly said...

Email me at georgeclooneysgirlfriendAThotmail.com and I may be able to hook you up with a blog designer for free. Seriously, she just does it as a hobby and she did mine.

Blarney said...

Hi & Thanks for stopping in yesterday! Good luck on the money making thing ~ me I'm just writing for the fun of it and when the big break comes (if it does) it will be even sweeter.
Have a great day!

Christy said...

I think the blogs that I am initially attracted to are the ones with good writing. I'm a huge nonfiction fan, so I like it 'real' too. Other blogs I read b/c I feel a connection with the blogger--I think that comes from just being yourself & being open. You're doing great!

Crazy Momma said...

Thank you all for your support!

I have taken down the word verification per your suggestions.

Molly, I will be emailing you for a great design! Thanks!

Heather, you rule! You SITSas make it so easy to enjoy blogging! Thanks for all you do!