I am trying to be tolerant of my child with autism this evening….as I was working my ASS off on the brochure on tolerance that my non-profit, EANH, the child I am teaching how to use the freaking computer CLOSED OUT OF IT!!! Of course I had not saved it. Of course…..

The olden days

Now that I am feeling a bit better (I won't say I am 100% because that would be a lie) it is time for the kids to have vacation...of course.

So, again and still, I will probably not be updating regularly this week. We have dentists' appointments and haircuts and sleepovers and bowling and birthday parties all scheduled this week.

But even more fun, I bought a scanner this past weekend. We were in need of new ink for the printer and the printer/scanner I bought cost us as much as the ink for the old printer was going to cost. It just made sense.

Man, oh man, this is fun! I have posted over 100 pictures on my Facebook page of high school friends and summer "camp" friends (much to their dismay). I am loving this!

This is a picture of my sister Monica (left), my brother Alex (the baby) and myself with our great grandparents.

This is a picture my grandmother sent us while they were in Florida for the winter. When we were younger she would write to us. My grandfather hated to have his picture taken (and still does). If you read the caption she says that he threatened to break her camera...that doesn't surprise me.This is my grandmother, her mother and my mother with Monica and I.

And my grandmother...I miss her and wish that my children had the opportunity to meet her and remember her.

So, I will see you next week with lots of stories of the adventures we had this week.


Still or again

I'm still sick...or again sick...I don't know.

I thought I was over last weeks disgustingness but something started on Tuesday and I can't breath. My face is as swollen as a beach ball. It feels like it could explode any minute. And nothing is helping except cold compresses which leave me with a different problem - frostbite. I have sneezed more these past few days than ever before in my life. My eyes are watering enough to fill an 8oz glass every hour. And I've got a cough that puts 80 year old smokers to shame.

On the upside, Kirby has been incredibly helpful this past week (did you catch the sarcasm...I tried not to hide it).

If you don't hear from me again it is because I have died in my sleep because I forgot to open my mouth to breath.


Don't Divorce Us

My friend Sara at Life With Us posted this. Beautiful!

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.


Don't get too close.

You may want to sit back...

A little further....

Now cover your mouth...


I'm sick.

Not deathly ill but sick enough that when Kirby said goodbye this morning I wanted to cry because I knew it meant I would have to get out of bed in less than an hour to get the kids ready for school.

Sick enough that I was scared to go to bed last night because it is too far from the bathroom.

Sick enough that I would feel really badly if any of you caught it...so stay away!

It is the weekend catching up with me. I am too old to party that hard (or late - er...early, I guess).

I will post more when I am feeling better.


To Do:

This upcoming weekend is a weekend of PAR-TAYS around here. Every day of the weekend, beginning on Friday we will be hosting guests in our home. Saturday evening there are guests coming that I do not even know...people that I have never met, coming into my home. Kirby was VERY unsure of this...and now I am wishing I had heeded his advice.

Needless to say, my home needs a VERY thorough cleaning. Thankfully, I have a number of days off this week to get it done.

One way I keep myself on task is to publish it here, holding myself accountable to the world (or at least my version of the "world" - all of you).

So today, I will accomplish the following:

  • Clean and organize the kitchen.


  • The stove (which IS NOT a self-clean oven...which means scrubbing and FUMES)
  • The microwave
  • The floor (and being that it is winter and there is a LOT of mud out there due to the snow that can't decide whether it is coming or going - this is going to be a HUGE job)
  • The refrigerator (my least favorite job right after the floors)
  • The table and chairs (of course, they get cleaned every evening, but A is not the cleanest eater and they need a REALLY good scrubbing)
  • The top of the cabinets (this ends up being a place for little odds and ends to get placed and never returned to their rightful place)
  • The top of the fridge (where toys that are taken away end up)

So that is that. Period. What a way to spend a Monday.

Tuesday will be more of that just a different room of the house...as will Wednesday and Thursday and Friday...UGH!

AND they are predicting ANOTHER snow storm on Tuesday. Have I mentioned that I don't believe my children have had a full day of school since before Christmas? Did you know that looking at the 10-day forecast they are predicting snow 6 out of those 10 days? I'm SO done.

One day this week I will be posting all about the Pinewood Derby and the homecoming of our baby girl...what an emotional day that was...pics and stories to come.

I will do my best to be by each of your blogs (especially you, Very Good Year...I am awaiting news...ANXIOUSLY) but understand, I will be VERY busy!!