Conversations with Andrew

For safety reasons, Andrew sleeps in our room. He is a wanderer and has been found wandering the house in the middle of the night on numerous occasions and even outside once...he is not a good sleeper and wakes often throughout the night for as glass of water or a hug or just to talk.

Last night as I came into the bedroom we had a little conversation:

A: Mommy is that you?
Me: Were you expecting someone else?
Andrew: Mommy I was at Tizzy's house.
Me: Oh yeah? When was this (knowing full well he has never been there)?
At this point in time he becomes incoherent and isn't making any sense..,
Kirby and I start talking about his day...
A: Guys! Stop talking!
Kirby and I start talking is hushed voices...
A: Guys! I can't listen to all this talking!
Me: Alright, Andrew, we'll stop talking just go to sleep.
After a few moments of quiet...
Andrew: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy!
Kirby: Andrew you told us to stop talking. What to you want?
Andrew: I love you...


Looking to win!

I am looking to win some Christmas music...even though I hate Christmas and am the biggest procrastinator on the face of the earth and even though Nicki will laugh at me...

Check out Ben Rudnick and Friends and their Christmas CD!  And enter to win for yourself!


She's awesome...

Spose - I'm Awesome (Clean Version), posted with vodpod  So, that is one of the kid's most favorite songs.  It's one of the songs I play in the car to keep them quiet.
A few days ago Charity says to me: I'm awesome!Me: Yes, you are!Charity: Dude, don't lie.
Maybe I need to rethink the choice of music...


Things I say more times than I can imagine.

-Sit down and eat.

-Get dressed.

-Go potty.

-I don't care if you don't like (x, y, z), you have to do it.

-Please stop screaming.

-Please give me privacy while I (pee, shower, sleep...).

-Get back in your bed.

-Do your homework.

-Turn off the TV.


-Please leave (him, her, ME) alone!

-Put your (shoes, backpack, dirty laundry) where they belong.


-I'm too tired to deal with this.

-My patience has hit its breaking point.

-I love you.



Zach is in the middle of a trumpet lesson (my brother drives up once a week, has dinner with us and instructs him for about an hour).  Tonight, Zach has been playing the same piece over and over and over again WRONG.  My brother has been, patiently, reminding him that he is doing it wrong.

Zach (as serious as can be): They probably won't even hear it during the concert.  The rest of the trumpets will drown me out.