Potty training

Who am I kidding? My child is going to be 30, married with 2 kids and a dog before he gets potty trained.

I am SO sick and tired of hearing the parents of 3 year old children complaining. You know what? I have been changing diapers for 8 years, 3 months and 12 days. My child is 6 YEARS OLD!! Every single day since the day Zachary was born I have changed diapers.

Andrew does not have the want, need or desire to use the toilet. And, quiet frankly, I don't have the want, need or desire to fight him EVERY FREAKING DAY to use it.

I have tried bribes, I have tried making him sit in it, I have tried forcing him, I have read to him while he was on the toilet, I promised him a party with all of his friends when he was potty trained...heck, I would promise him a trip to Disney World if I thought it would work.

I know this is not uncommon with kids on the spectrum...but jeez! I am beginning to think that I will be cleaning up crap for the rest of my life. Believe you me, the second Andrew gets trained, Kirby will be old enough to start losing his bodily functions...


Nicki said...

awww *hugs* I am sorry, I know how frustrated you are.

Jessi said...

Hang in there.

Last weekend, when I was at my camp, there was a boy on the beach who had Autism. The mother told everyone who came into contact with him. She was sort of like, "oh he has a disability." or "Don't expect him to answer you straight, he has ASPD..."

I, for some reason, was growing furious by the moment (perhaps it's because I work from a strengths perspective.) Finally I had enough. Xander asked the boy if he wanted to play and the Mom ran over and said "Oh no, honey, he can't UNDERSTAAAANNNNDDD you." Xander of course said, "but, why?" Mom replied, "he has Autism, so he has some disabilities."

Finally, having had enough, I piped up and said "Different Abilities?"

Cray and Bickford Family said...


One of Andrew's classmates mother's ALWAYS tells people that her son has autism. But she whispers it...like it is something to be ashamed of.

Maybe this is because I have a high functioning child, but I don't feel it necessary to tell people (most times - except when he is SO socially inappropriate that it NEEDS an explanation) - ESPECIALLY not children. They figure it out, they work together, the make friends that are a little "different".

Like you said "different abilities".