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What an overwhelming response to yesterday's post! While I want to respond to each one of you individually, there is so much to say...I think it would be done better in blog form.

Molly, you are absolutely right. I am not sure if there is an epidemic or if autism is just being recognized better and easier. A would not have been diagnosed 10 years ago with autism because his "symptoms" are so much less severe. They have also opened the umbrella (so to speak) and the range of pervasive developmental disorders is so broad that many children fit on the spectrum that wouldn't have when you and I were growing up.

Thank you for your thoughts and your kind words. Yes, it is hard, but I also know that I am never given anything more than I can handle.

I can't comment on vaccines or toxins or environmental causes because I just don't know. I believe that they have something to do with this...but when it all comes down to it: TODAY I DON'T CARE! That may sound harsh and I don't intend for it to. Today, what "caused" this does not matter to me. Today, I need to concentrate on how to make it better and how to help my son be the best that he can be. Someday, the causes may become part of my world...maybe when A wants to have children...I don't know. Today, I can't focus on that because it does nothing to help what I deal with on a daily basis.

Sometimes Sophia and Feliz, thank you both for your kind words and your prayers. I am part of an AMAZING group of women who want nothing more than to help change the world for our kids. If you have a moment please check out Embracing Autism. This is the way that I can be active in advocating for my son and children like him.

Wheres My Angels, I think that of all people in this world, you probably understand this more than most. You are right, Mr. Savage has, obviously, not been touched. I think that from the moment he said those words he opened up the doors to become touched by autism. I only hope that he has learned something...

"The Queen", thank you for teaching your children compassion. My son (and others like him) need nothing more than that. A needs kids that are willing to play with him, understand that he is "different" and accept him for who he is. It is so important that children are raised to be caring, compassionate human beings. You do that! Thank you!

My 2 Boyz, I thank you for not feeling pity, because, honestly, I am SO blessed! I'll take a cyber hug any day you want to give one :)

Trish, you are probably right. What was said (and then interpreted by the rest of us) by Mr. Savage was probably not his intended meaning. Had I heard the whole segment I may feel very differently. And let's face it, these men (Rush, Howard Stern, etc) are put on the air for a reason. These are the types of things that people want to hear from them. I do not believe he should be fired. And, as I mentioned in the end of my blog, while the remarks were ignorant and insensitive, he has educated so many people with what he said...I will take that.

Swirl Girl, there are more days that I want to "chuck it all" than you can imagine!! I am SO blessed to have amazing family and friends in my life that are supportive of us. I am also MORE THAN BLESSED to have a school system that works wonders with my child. Special Ed teachers, OT teachers, Speech Paths, One on One Paraprofessionals...THEY ARE MY SAVIORS! I COULD NOT do this on my own!!

Dawn, I am trying so hard to believe that what Mr. Savage said is going to bring so much education to so many people's eyes. But you are right, those who speak about issues they have no education on....oh man, they frustrate me more than you can imagine!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, Nicki, you are my rock. I can do this because you do it. Together we will piss and moan and love and feel guilty and work harder and harder every day to make sure that our children are amazing young men who make amazing fathers and husbands. We rule :)

I thank you all for your support. One of the things about this blogoshpere that never ceases to amaze me is how people from across the globe will show up in droves to tell you how wonderful you are! Thank you for being there, thank you for not pitying me, thank you for sharing your stories! Keep 'em coming!


WheresMyAngels said...

Here's to better days and educating more people!CHEERS!

Molly said...

Thanks for talking about it - other people shy away from something like this, but it affects you on a daily basis.

Tiff said...

Thanks for visiting! I actually came across your blog yesterday but I definitely need to sit down and read it when I have more time to concentrate - looking forward to it! Blogrolling you! ;o)