Dinner and Drinks

Before my, most exciting, night at NKOTB I met Jessi and Aaron at their home. Jessi and I were going to the concert together and Aaron had offered to drive us into Boston.

Jessi is my best friend's sister and I hadn't seen her in years. She and Aaron are engaged to be married and I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting him (although I read their blog everyday and feel like I know him). So, it was really good to see/meet the both of them.

They brought me to one of their most favorite restaurants where we ate (really AWESOME food) and chatted and ate and chatted. We gossipped (gasp - me? I know!). We laughed. It was nice.

Aaron met us at the door with the car (it was pouring) and drove our butts down to Boston - in the POURING rain. I am SO thankful he offered to drive. While I COULD have handled it, I am really glad I didn't have to. I was tense enough riding down in the backseat (and NOT because of Aaron's driving, just the rain).

I think all of Jessi's blog readers swoon a bit every time we read a post about something wonderful Aaron did. Now I get it :)

When we got to The Garden, Jessi and I waited outside for my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law, Andrea, and people watched. I was truly amazed at the women coming into the concert (and I mean WOMEN, I honestly could have counted the number of men at the show on two hands...the number of STRAIGHT men could have been done on ONE hand...maybe even just a few of those fingers). We were pretty close to the youngest women there. We saw every walk of life, though. I saw old women with saggy boobs in their original NKOTB tank top...I saw young women in new NKOTB-wear....I saw gay men...I saw a man that was, obviously, dragged their by his girlfriend (or whatever) and was VERY unhappy to be there...it was interesting...

As soon as we got into The Garden we saw the most yummy looking, frozen cocktails in "glasses" as tall as my kids. Soon enough, Jessi and I were on the hunt. 3 flights of stairs, 20 minutes in line and $12 later we had the most delicious margaritas...that were gone before NKOTB even hit the stage :) Yummy!

And you all know how much we enjoyed the show, how we screamed like little girls...but what I didn't mention was that we (Jessi) is pretty sure that Donny heard us (her) screaming...of course, we talked about it the whole ride home...

And that was about that point in time that Aaron offered to drop her at the bus station to find her own way back:)

Good times, good times!

Thanks again, guys! Can't wait to see you at The Hike (please click the link and support our efforts to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness)!


1988: Die Hard, Leap Year, Cold War....

But more importantly, what was I doing in 1988? Well, I was Hangin' Tough, of course. And, once again, on Friday night, I was Hangin' Tough, Step by Stepping and acting like a Cover Girl.

Honestly, I went to the NKOTB show for a good laugh. When Alex called and told me Andrea had an extra ticket I thought, "what the hell, it'll be funny to see these old men acting like kids all over again."

Honestly, it was the MOST fun I have EVER had at a concert. I screamed like a 12 year-old girl over and over again. I looked at Jessi and, literally, shook with unbelievable excitement. I screamed, I laughed, I danced, I sang, I got a little teary....it was awesome.



They sang for about 2 hours and for the first 5 or so songs they NEVER stopped moving. They went from one song right into the other. They danced like they were 17 again. They went through about a dozen wardrobe changes. They thanked the audience (a full to capacity Garden) over and over again. They brought Paul Pierce from the the Boston Celtics out on stage with the NBA World Championship Trophy from this past basketball season and they all Hung Tough together, dancing and singing and LOVING every second of it.




Did I mention that I screamed like a 12 year old girl? And that I danced? And sang? Oh, and I dripped with sweat...dripped. Being at the top of the Garden it was hot (and by top I MEAN TIPPITY TOP), dancing like a crazy 12 year old all night didn't help.

Of course it was cheesy. Of course I kept asking myself if it was really as ridiculous as I thought it was that I was screaming like a little girl at these men. Of course the songs have the same cheese they did when I was listening to them in 1988.





But it was THE BEST. I loved every single minute of it! And besides all that, it is the last time I get to see Andrea before she officially becomes my sister-in-law. LOVED IT!



St. Anthony comes to the rescue...

Unfortunately, my worst fears came true. I found the money...with Z.

When I dropped A at school I made a stop into Z's classroom. I pulled him out of class and, after a long discussion, finally got my $100 bill. It was in his backpack.

Now I don't know what to do. This is serious and not just any punishment is going to cover it....

I've lost it all....

I seriously have the ability to lose anything and everything that is important to me. Nicki jokes that she should tie my MP3 player to me...but this time it is much more serious!

I had a client pay me in cash last night (I LOVE cash). Handed me $100 bill for an hours work (have I told you lately that I love my job). I put the bill in my schedule where I put all my earnings...


A few things could have happened. I could have dropped it at work. I could have dropped it while walking to the house from the car. Or, the worst and what I hate to even think about, Z could have taken it.

That kid loves things that are not his own. He loves showing off for friends. He tends to slip out of the house in the morning with some treasure or another in his pocket - more often than not they do not belong to him.

I can only hope and pray that IF he has it and he IS showing it off, that a teacher sees him and lets me know...before it ends up in the hands of someone it shouldn't....

So now I sit here, waiting for the laundry to finish so I can take a shower and start the search.

Until then I pray, the prayers that I always pray when something is lost:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost
And can't be found


Dear St. Anthony, I pray
Bring it back, without delay.


Something's lost and can't be found
Please, St. Anthony, look around.


Potty mouthed kiddy

I don't know what I am going to do with my little A. There may come a day where he curses out the wrong person and really gets his butt whopped...

About a year ago A picked up cursing. In the beginning it wasn't a huge deal, I really just tried to ignore it. Soon enough though, it turned into a HUGE deal. When you are walking down the street with a little boy who is SCREAMING "YOU F%CK&R" at you...well, in my opinion, that is a HUGE deal.

The school didn't hear it. Dad didn't hear it. He saved it for me. All for me. How thoughtful of him.

We worked on it. His speech pathologist wrote a wonderful social story about using nice words versus the "naughty" ones he was using. It worked, sometimes. Other times I could have to remind him that if he didn't use nice words we were going to have to talk with Mrs. Fairchild (his speech path) about him not using nice words. That only succeeded in terrorizing him...he would cry every time he had a speech session.

Soon enough he stopped. Completely stopped. Every once in a while you would get a "YOU FFFFF......uh oh...." and he would stop himself. He was learning to stop the impulses - which is AMAZING.

While we were at camp one day I heard him curse. Something like "Goddammit"...I was inside, he was out. It wasn't directed towards anyone, he was just upset about something. I ignored it.

Two days ago we were out for a walk as a family. It started to get dark and we were walking on a path next to the lake, so I forced him to hold my hand. Big mistake.


Clear as day. The entire walk home. I tried ignoring him. I tried speaking sternly to him. It ended in my grabbing his hand and walking, fast enough that he needed to sprint to keep up, back to the house before I completely lost it on him.

I was only thankful that Kirby was there to witness it. I swear he thought I was exaggerating when I explained to him why A and I could no longer walk in the mornings last year.

I can deal with temper tantrums in public, I can deal with meltdowns, I can deal with his autistic behaviors like saying hello to every.single.person we come across or running behind the counter in Dunkin Donuts - these things I can explain. I cannot, however, deal with my 6 year old child cursing me out in the middle of downtown for everyone to see (and hear).

I mentioned it at school, in front of him. He was hugely embarrassed and apologized to me, again. I didn't hear it from him at all yesterday or today.

However, when I picked him up from school today his aide informed me that she heard something - as well as the entire kindergarten class....

They were in "media" (library) and they were being asked to color. Coloring is very hard for A. It requires a lot of fine motor skills that he does not have. He said no, he refused and then he screamed "JESUS CHRIST". And the entire class knew he was in trouble.

One of these days they are going to hear exactly what A is like...I can't decide if I am looking forward to that or not...honestly, I would like someone else to witness it so they all stop thinking I am such a nutcase.

On an exciting side note: A DID start using the potty at school!! Every day this week he has used it. Of course, he also did it for Daddy yesterday...not for me. I swear that kid does everything in his power to make life 10 times for difficult for me than anyone else...but I love him, dirty mouth, diapers and all.


Go ahead, suck it up!

Remember the Ipod that I wanted that nobody gave me? Remember the millions of other contests that I entered that I didn't win? Well, I do. And now I know why. It's because the God of Bloggy Contests was waiting for me to enter THIS ONE.

That's right, all. I am going to win this most amazing vacuum. And you know that after my housecleaning saga I NEED it. And not like I "needed" the Ipod...really, this time I am serious, folks.

And I am going to look as hot as Mama Kat does in her beautifully photo shopped 1950s housecleaning photo when I use it.


Have I told you that I am going to see NKOTB in concert on Friday in Boston with some awesome friends and (soon-to-be official) family. Don't be jealous - you know you want to go too. Ask me if I am excited...go ahead, I dare you!



Enough said!

Best. Birthday. Ever.

I recently turned the big 3-o. No big deal, really. In fact, if one more person asks me if I "feel old" I swear I am going to go postal.

30 is NOT old. 50...maybe. Just kidding :) I don't think 50 is old either. I really think that you are as young (or old) as you feel. And, honestly, I have felt much older than 30 for a long time.

While it isn't old, 30 does warrant celebration. Kirby was told, in no uncertain terms, that there was to be a celebration. And celebrate he did.

He contacted all my family and my close friends and invited them all out to celebrate and have dinner with us. He really went all out. And it was proven, once again, that I have the BEST friends and family EVER. I am so blessed to have so many people in my life and love and care about me.

We ate, we laughed, we (or I) opened presents (which were not expected but, of course, I was very excited about). We had a great time. I am so happy!

Kirby and I have certainly had our problems. There have been plenty of times that we didn't think we were going to make it. Honestly, there have been times when I didn't WANT to make it. For him to pull this together was so heart warming and wonderful. Yes, I told him he "had" to :) but he made such a huge effort. I can honestly tell you that I love him more today than I ever have.

Dad and Sue with Thanny

My oldest friend Kitty (not old as in age - but been together forever) and her husband Jeff

My newest friends "TNT" Tracy-n-Todd

Mom and Bob

My big sister Monica

The soon to be newlyweds Alex and Andrea

Thanny and me

Andrea's beautiful cake


Andrew helping me blow out my candles

Pictures of me through the years by Mom

Thank you, again, Kirby. I love you more than life!


The Housecleaning Saga

Okay, I have to admit that Kirby really freaked me out when he referenced "nesting". Got me all counting back the days, checking my "symptoms", basically freaking out.

And I have come to the conclusion that I am just trying to be a better "wife" and mom. Let's face it, the old adage is right, "a clean home is a happy home". When things are clean and not cluttered our house works better. So this has been my goal this week.

Today, I cleaned the living room carpet. WTF was I thinking? More importantly, WTF was our landlord thinking when they put light beige carpet in a 4 bedroom apartment - with carpeted stairs at the entry way...seriously!

Here is what I have managed to accomplish:

-I ran my big toe over with The Kirby vacuum cleaner

-I used an entire bottle of cleaner with (what I consider) very little result

-I have given myself blisters on my right hand (eh, SO not good ESPECIALLY when your hands are YOUR JOB)

-I wasted an afternoon on my hands and knees scrubbing or standing and pushing a steam cleaner back and forth in a "slow repetitive" motion per instructions

Honestly, the carpet where we don't walk everyday looks PERFECT. Someone could look at that carpet and wonder if it has just been installed. Of course, that carpet lives behind the TV...therefore NOBODY EVER SEES IT.

The carpet where we DO walk is another story. It doesn't look a whole lot better than it did BEFORE I spent the entire afternoon cleaning it.

The first four months that we lived here whenever we vacuumed we noticed that the bag was full of fluff - like carpet fluff. Not a little but a full freaking bag. The high traffic areas look like they have been in the house for years when, actually, they were put in right before we moved in (less then two years ago). I am thinking the carpet sucks.

I have come to the decision that cleaning carpets is not worth the agony.

On to the kitchen floor...
I could survive for 1 minute, 3 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Thanks Tony!



Yesterday was a day of housecleaning for me. The boys and I cleaned the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, a closet and the kitchen. By 10pm I was exhausted and Kirby was FREAKING out...

"I've only seen you act this way two other times in your life", he said. Those "two other times" resulted in Z and A. He is a nervous wreck. I think it is hysterical. I told you all I wasn't a housekeeper - now you know how honest I was being :)

Honestly, I am not pregnant (god help me). I am going through a fall cleaning phase. That's it. I am tired of the clutter and I have begun to realize that clutter in my home makes clutter in my brain - and I don't have enough empty brain space to be filling it with such trivial things.

I have also realized that my 18 year-old step son (who does not pay money for rent but does the major chores in the house instead) is getting ready to move out and somebody has to be responsible for those things. I can't expect that Z is ready (although he BELIEVES that he can do dishes...the grime he leaves in the glasses leads ME to believe otherwise). Kirby honestly does so much (he works full time, comes home to prepare meals, baths kids and gets them to bed) that leaves me...so I better get on board.

Yesterday's "fun breaks" really worked. I just need to remember to take them myself too - and to keep my MP3 player with fresh batteries. I also need to remember that if I keep up with it I won't have a HUGE mess to deal with...

So this morning I made the bed, picked up the dirty clothes Kirby left on the floor, took the glasses of water out of the bedroom, started some laundry and started my day...It is just a matter of working it into my schedule.

And if Kirby keeps freaking out about my "nesting" I am going to highly encourage him to hire the housekeeper I have been begging for!!


Fall Cleaning

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a housekeeper. Clutter infiltrates my life in every area...but I'm working on it! It is not a joke when I say I often have to look over a mountain of miscellaneous paperwork to see the computer screen. I have seen blogs where people take pictures of certain areas of their home each day...that could NEVER happen!

Today, this afternoon, for a couple hours the boys and I are going to do some chores. As soon as Z is done his homework we are going to get started. Problem is that we all get SO BORED with cleaning. So I am adding some "fun breaks". Every 15 minutes (as long as everyone has worked their tails off) we are going to break for 5 and have some fun!

So today I want to know how you all keep your house in order. How do you get your kids to keep their rooms clean? How do you find time to keep your house clean (between blogging and kids and work, etc)? What chores are your kids responsible for?

My sister Monica uses Fly Lady...and it seems to work for her. Do any of you have experience with the Fly Lady's approach to housekeeping?

Thank you all for your laughs the other day! There were some great jokes and great videos! I loved it!



If YOU are not an advocate for your child I promise that nobody else is going to. You cannot expect things to change or get better if YOU do not advocate for changes. You cannot expect the school, the doctor or even the other parent to make a difference if YOU are not involved. Stop blaming the system, stop blaming the doctors, stop blaming the other parent and take an active role.

Do not think for one second that my children are the lucky ones because the school is doing what the should for them. Do not think that we happened upon the right doctor at the right time to get a diagnosis. Do not think for one second that we sat back and watched it happen.

I have worked my butt of for 6 years to get A what he needs and deserves. Why? Because I realized very early on that I was the only person who was going to be an advocate for my child. And I NEVER stop. Every day of my life I fight for him and I will continue to fight for him until he no longer needs me to fight, until he can fight on his own or until I leave this world.

Stop whining, stop being lazy, stop complaining and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Somebody help me out of this funk!

My life is good. Wonderful, actually, all things considered. My children are healthy and smart and caring and kind (most days). We have wonderful friends and family that surround us, if not in person, on the phone. My children have the opportunity to have two sets of wonderfully adoring grandparents and even have a set of great-grandparents.

Yesterday we had lobster, steamers, corn on the cob - FREE. My Great Aunt turned 60 and her husband threw a surprise birthday party at a local seafood restaurant...and he paid for it ALL. Everything. If nothing else, I should be glowing right now because of that :)

After eating WAY TOO MUCH, we took the kids fishing. Andrew, who has the attention span of a flea, caught his very first fish (pictures to come)! A blue gill - HUGE. He was so proud. That makes me happy...but I am still feeling a bit funky.

I have a wonderful business. I love my boss, she is THE BEST (have I mentioned that I am the boss :). I make my own schedule, I charge whatever I want...I never miss a kid's event because I am always sure to take it off.

And things between Kirby and I are working. Slowly but surely we are finding a way to make things work - better than ever. Our trip to camp was exactly what we needed to remind us that, us, the family of us, was something that we didn't want to lose. It is a long road. There are millions of things to work out and work on. But we are committed to the work. We are committed to making it better for us and better for our kids.

Just one more think I should be so grateful and thankful for.

So, why am I in such a funk? I am not feeling like myself. In fact, I feel kind of fluish...and the fact that I know there is bug going around makes me feel even more fluish (paranoid much....but really Andrew DID puke yesterday on the way to the birthday party...but free lobster was on the menu, no way in hell were we turning around). I am feeling that, "I don't want to get out of bed for the next year" feeling...

So, I am leaving it up to you, bloggy readers, to share something funny. Pass along a good story. Leave me a silly comment. Get a good You Tube video (but just an FYI, I HAVE already seen the one where the cop steals the pot from the evidence room then calls 911 because he thinks he has overdosed...to stinking funny and I have also seen the one where the guy gets his head stuck in the elephants ass).

Today's challenge: MAKE ME LAUGH!


Nothing makes sense anymore

I am dragging today...as I mentioned in my earlier post.

It's Friday and we have had a busy week of school, school and more school. Thursday is my busy day at work so I am always left exhausted. It is dreary outside. It isn't raining, but it should be, and it is COLD! I love the chill in the air that fall brings, but when there is no sun it just makes it miserable.

Compound all that with the fact that lately I have become incredibly frustrated by people that have children but don't appreciate them.

I know you all read my posts and laugh at how frustrated I get with my children. And I will be honest that there has been a time (or two) that I wonder if cages are legal...or overdosing on Benadryl to get them to sleep...but those are the times that I call my sister Dana (the social worker) and check (because she knows all the legalities, of course). If she tells me no then I take a few deep breaths and move on...

Before I go any further please be sure that you understand that I am joking. Sure I have asked Dana about cages, but do you think I would honestly use one...okay, don't answer that.

Tonight I am attending the wake of a 7 week old baby. SIDS is apparently the cause. I do not know her parents but her grandmother is a client of mine and her cousin is in Z's class - small town, although I don't KNOW them, I know them. I feel that it is the right thing to do, show up and offer my condolences to my client. Not knowing the parents does not make it any easier or help me understand any more.

When her grandmother told me she said, "She was beautiful but I can only know in my heart that God had a special purpose for her". I KNOW in my heart she is right...but not knowing the purpose makes it so hard. I know that it is not up to me to understand God or his reasons but jeez. This just doesn't make sense...

Tuesday I will be appearing in court. In what capacity I am not sure. I have been asked to appear for a court case involving a 4 year old boy whose mother claims his father is molesting him. Of course, I will not go into details about how I am affiliated with this family, what I know or do not know...but I can tell you that this little boy's life has been ruined.

Dana, of course, does not go into real detail about her job but I know what she deals with. We see the reports in the papers and on the news.

Andrea (Alex's fiancee) works in a boy's home. This place is where boys are sent that cannot live at home - or anywhere else - due to SEVERE abuse (sexual or otherwise) and neglect. Again, she can't share the details but we know.

Tell me how it makes sense that a 4 year old boy is still here, subjected to the insanity of his life every day and a 7 week old is gone? Tell me how this little boy was given to these parents when I know plenty of good people with loving and caring homes that can't have children. Tell me how parents who ignore, beat and abuse are given children when there are people out there crying in their beds at night because they can't have children.

I know it is not up to me to understand God and his purpose for us as human beings. I know that in my deepest heart. But coming to terms with that and letting go is something entirely different.
I am so thankful for people like Dana and Andrea and so thankful for the work they do. I would be homicidal. I am not sure that I could let justice take its course...there are too many times where the judicial system does not work the way it is supposed to (in my opinion).

I am so thankful that my children live in a safe home where people love them and care for them. We may not be perfect, but if they know nothing else in their lives, they know that we love them unconditionally.

The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him. - Pablo Casals


Did y'all know that yesterday was my 200th post? I am SO thankful that nobody told me about writing 100 random things about yourself for your 100th post. And even more thankful that I have yet to hear how you celebrate your 200th post...although I am interesting, not THAT interesting!

Did anyone notice that I forgot to do a Thankful Thursday yesterday? Or has it been long enough that you all forgot and now I have reminded you? Ugh. My bad. Next week...I think!

Today I was really looking forward to a day off. I am sleepy, my back hurts and well, getting back into the school routine is kicking my butt! But I got the call. The call that I have a client. Well, the call that says "puleeeze can you fit me in today". And my insides say..."argh, okay".

Once I get there, once I am in the "zone" I will be fine. The getting there and getting into the zone are the hard part. I'm dragging today.

But seriously, how can I turn down $70 for an hours work?


7 years ago today...

I was at home with a sick baby. We were lying on the couch watching The Teletubbies when I got the call. PBS was one of the only stations that did not interrupt programming...I had no idea that the world, as I knew it, was changing around me.

I cried, I felt so lost and so out of control - like there was nothing I could do. I couldn't understand HOW, WHY, WHO would do this to us? I was scared. Would my baby ever know the world I knew?

I spent nights in front of the TV watching the terror unfold. I slept fitful nights...dreaming of war and buildings crashing around us.

And I am one of the lucky ones. I am blessed to have been so indirectly affected.

Heather from Mindless Junque posted this on her blog today and I have yet to find a video as perfect...if you can call a video about that horrifying day perfect.

For anyone that may be interested in learning about a man whose sole mission is to create peace in the Middle East please read Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time. The back cover describes this book as "the astonishing, uplifting story of a real-life Indiana Jones and his remarkable humanitarian campaign in the Taliban's backyard". Whether or not you agree with the war we are fighting now, or the war we are fighting in Afghanistan, this book is well worth the read.


Camp. What can I say except that it was WONDERFUL! I shared some pictures in an earlier post, those were some of the best. I'm not sure how to write about all the great things that happened so I am just going to highlight/list them:
  • Left home at 10pm on Wed.
  • Hit a skunk on the ride up - threw my back out in the process
  • Arrived at camp at 4am after taking one wrong turn and stopping for a few bathroom breaks
  • Yard at camp was not mowed - some places were taller than A

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Found a lone pair of underwear in Tom's bed...women's...
  • Biggest thing anyone hooked all week was me...OUCH! Fish were small but they put up a fight

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Boys canoed with dad

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • A broke my glasses the second day there...thankfully the general store had super glue
  • A used the outhouse (although there is indoor plumbing as well)

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Saw a beautiful sunset at the lake

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • My camera battery died the second day...glad Kirby brought his as well
  • Hiked in the woods a bit - NEVER left the path - we learned our lessons last year
  • Founds TONS of raspberries and blackberries and even a few blueberries.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Picked enough to make pancakes with cool whip and berries for breakfast

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Saw both moose and wild canine tracks - though never saw the real thing

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Z learned to use a slingshot AND a hand saw
  • Kirby to remove a rather large thorn/splinter from my foot
  • Boys built a "drum set" out of logs and sticks and performed "shows" every night

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Roast hot dogs and marshmallows by the fire every night

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Heard coyotes and loons at night
  • The boys burned their sneakers in the fire
  • Z and Tom played tons of wiffle ball and had a great time doing it - never seen them have so much fun together without arguing

Photobucket Image Hosting

  • Saw a woman driving a motorcycle with her man on the back on the way home...HYSTERICAL
  • Learned that Kirby and I can be friends
  • Arrived home at 7pm on Tuesday....wanting to be back at camp

Did I mention that Kirby and I learned that we can be friends? More on that in another post...


It's been too long.

I am still coming down from my SITS high. It was seriously overwhelming but SO wonderful. I finished up commenting everyone that came and visited my blog (aside from those of you that I couldn't comment due to privacy or whatever - there was actually a few that wouldn't let me comment for some unknown reason).

During my hiatus I totally forgot how much I enjoy blogging, giving comment love and receiving comment love. I missed this SO much!

So many things to update...

There were a number of questions from commenters in my blog and I want to be sure that I answer them as well as I can.

First off, YES, I washed my little man in the sink at camp :) It is a total tradition. At the camp there is only a shower and A, my autistic son, does NOT do showers. While at camp, well, they get ABSOLUTELY disgusting - matter of fact, one day I gave him a pot of water to play in so his fingernails would get clean (it worked very well by the way).

I swear to all that is holy, I used Comet on the sink BEFORE I put him in (it is a "boys" camp...they don't really "clean") and AFTER. The sink was VERY clean while he was in it and even more clean AFTER he was in it :) Angels, you can gag all you want :)

My profile picture is wonderful, thank you for all that commented on it. No, I did not take it. I found it online somewhere...photobucket maybe? It is called "Praying for a Cure". If you notice, the little boy in the picture is holding the autism awareness ribbon. Personally, I am not praying for a cure, I am praying for awareness. Many of you know about A and how I think he is perfect just the way he is. In my opinion, it is the rest of the world that needs to change, not him.

Yes, I do barter - quite a bit actually. I like to barter for things that I wouldn't normally spend money on (pedicures, foils, websites). If you are interested in a barter, approach someone that offers what you want. Make an offer. What's the worst that can happen? My hairdresser wouldn't get a weekly massage without bartering and my hair would be totally gray (never mind what my heels would look like) - oh and my boys would look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I wouldn't have a business website either. It has been well worth my time!

YES, there are a few gents (or so I hear) that are affiliated with SITS. I have yet to see/read one...but I have been told...

We DID have an AWESOME vacation. No, we didn't get eaten by any wildlife and we did not get lost in the woods. We didn't figure out that we could have a good time as a family - just remembered. Having 3 boys and such a busy life, we tend to forget how much fun it is to just slow down. This vacation helped us remember that and so much more. I will be blogging more about the wonderfulness of our vacation in the very near future...stay tuned!

My Abstinence blog brought in a LOT of comment! I am so glad you guys got so involved! So many different opinions but when it all comes down to it we all feel strongly about one thing: we love our kids and want what is best for them. I appreciate all the opinions!

Yes, I am ALWAYS in a hornet's nest. Of course, I also believe you create drama...and I do. Granted, there is nothing I can do about ER trips due to ear infections (8 hours from home) or trips to the ER because someone sliced themselves with an umbrella (who does that you ask...Z does that...he is his father's son - also 8 hours from home). But I certainly tend to have a bit of drama queen in me :) Oh, and when I was little, we were climbing a mountain and I SAT in a red ant hill...awful!

I don't have a fear of hornets (or any other flying insect) - at least not an irrational fear. I was stung earlier this year. It hurts like hell, but I survived.

The boys burned themselves on peanut butter about 6 months ago...they like to melt peanut butter and dip popcorn in for a snack. I think Z overheated it...it was boiling when I got to it. They both burned themselves pretty badly and that also required a trip to the ER. Ugh! They are their father's sons (who I had to bring to the ER once for burning his corneas while welding WITHOUT A MASK...of course, that was just one of our MANY trips for him).

Peggy, you did not give birth to me...unless my parents lied to me all these years AND my siblings were right when they told me I was adopted....and maybe Traci is right then...and I DO have a long lost sister named Debbie...

I can't believe the mass amounts of you that have NOT received pedicures - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don't care how "embarrassing" your feet are...isn't that why you GET a pedicure?! I don't care if you "hate" feet...they never did anything to you but cart your butt around your whole life - TREAT THEM! Seriously, you will thank me for it!

And for those of you that suggested getting up earlier (like 5am) to get a shower in...you have GOT to be kidding me! No way, no how. I love my sleep more than I love peace and quiet in the shower. And besides all that, I have not had a full nights sleep in over 8 years. A, my youngest, doesn't sleep through the night...never has. I take every second I can get :)

Karen, I don't use 2 in 1 any more (and my hairdresser knows - actually she buys my hair products for me - she TOTALLY rules - and NO I will NOT give any of you her name...you think I want to potentially ruin this deal for myself?). Well, actually, if I am being honest...while we were at camp...well...Pert became my new friend. But I SWEAR I dumped her as soon as we got home!!

Sassy Stephanie, I tried the lock on the fridge...he figured it out. How that child doesn't weigh as much as I do is BEYOND me!

Okay, so that is it. All questions answered...and if not, comment me, I'll do my best to get to you.

Keep coming back! Lots of exciting news to come! More pictures (cause my boys are THE CUTEST)...and more fun!


Oh yes, yesterday was SO crazy! I am working my little tail off to try and comment everyone that visited yesterday. If you don't get a comment from me please accept my apologies - I either missed you in the madness OR your blog wouldn't let me comment (which I have run into a couple times).

Thanks to all you lovely SITSas again and again and again! The bloggy love is AMAZING!


How will I ever recover?

At about 9pm last night I checked my email and realized that I had one from Heather from SITS. She asked if I wanted to be a featured blogger for today's SITS blog. Of course I did and I immediately replied...and never heard back from her. I assumed I had replied too late and they had found someone else....


When I opened my email this morning there were about 40 new ones - all commenting on my blog. How exciting!!

Now I don't know that I will ever recover. All day, every few minutes, my outlook box is telling me I have new mail. New comments. New gratification for the blogging I do. New people checking out my little corner of cyberspace. It's addicting I tell you...

Do they have a 12 step program for former SITS featured bloggers? If so, sign me up!

Welcome SITSas!!

I want to extend a HUGE welcome to all the wonderful ladies and gents coming in today from SITS!

When Heather emailed me and told me that I was going to be the featured blogger today, I have to admit, I was shocked and feeling a bit guilty....

You see, my blog has been a bit neglected since our return from vacation, getting the kiddos back into school and such.

But, BABY, I am back and with a vengence! So many stories to tell, woes to share and much, much, much excitement!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love! Check out the blog, peruse a bit - ENJOY!


The honest to goodness truth

I can hear you....y'all need to quiet down when you yell that!


Yes, I know, I know. I have been downright AWFUL lately. Between leaving vacation blues, the end of summer...ugh. So many excuses but not one single good reason.

First things first. Thank you! Thank you to all that checked in and kept reading and emailed and commented. YES, I am okay, more than okay, actually.

So where were we when I last left you? Ah, yes, vacation.


One big happy family, right? Yes, you are SO right. Quite honestly, it was the best vacation I have ever had. Seriously, ever. And I can only hope and pray that it was the same for the boys.

Check out these pics and let me know what you think:





Best. Vacation. Ever.

We laughed, we fished, we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, one of us learned to poop in the woods (although he will kill me if I tell you all about it), I remembered that I know how to pee in the woods (and A discovered that a pee stream is very interesting...and got a bit too close...a story I would love to share with you but, seriously, it totally needs to be done in person, writing it out does not do it justice), we berry picked, we ate well, we slept well and we remembered how much we love being a family.

The weather was PERFECT! Remember in one of my last posts I spoke of how it had been raining here in Crazy Town for 4 weeks. Well, it did not rain a drop at camp. Okay, a drop. But honestly, I could have counted the drops - and then it was over.

So much to share and I will...I am getting back into the swing of things. I promise you.

So keep checking back, I will be here, I promise!

And THAT is the honest to goodness truth.