Why can't they just sit down?

When I was pregnant I prayed for boys. I know what I put my parents through and I knew that my brothers were so much different. They didn't worry my parents by cutting class enough times that graduating was nearly not an option. They didn't worry them with the drama of teen love. They didn't run up phone bills larger than what I charge for an hour long massage session. And, most certainly, they did not get pregnant at a young age and make their parents grandparents before they were 50...

God knew what I could handle so he gave me two boys. God also has a sense of humor, however, and gave me a step-daughter that I helped raise from the age of 9 till she moved out at 18 (and I have to tell you, that girl drove me CRAZY from about ages 11-17).

So, here I am, living in a house FULL of testosterone (or budding testosterone as the case may be).

There are many things I have gotten use to:

  • I don't get asked about my day at the dinner table.

  • Nobody notices my haircuts or my pedicures.

  • If I get sick I am still responsible for taking care of the children.

  • I take time off to do doctor's appointments, IEP meetings, etc.

  • I am the one who is responsible for making sure the family looks halfway decent before leaving the house (and as I am sure my sisters would tell you, that isn't really saying all that much).

  • I am the only member of the family who does not own a pair of jeans or underwear with holes in the most unusual places (those get thrown away immediately if they are mine).

  • I am the only member of the family who finds it completely inappropriate to scratch/adjust yourself in public.

I deal with it. These are things that are expected of most moms and women everywhere.

One thing I cannot get use to is the bathroom.

So I wonder:

  • Why must I clean up pee around my toilet, off my toilet seat and, somehow, out of the trash can in the bathroom MULTIPLE times a week (and in all honesty, it probably does not get cleaned enough)?

  • How is it that these boys are not capable of aiming their pee directly INTO the toilet?

  • Why is it that they only put the seat up 4 out of 5 times (and, honestly, I could deal with a seat that was up all the time as long as it meant I would NEVER have to sit in pee again)?

  • Why is it that WHEN they remember to put the seat up the pee, somehow, lands all over the BACK of the toilet?

  • And when the heck are they going to STOP doing this?

I know many of you mommies out there deal with the same thing. I know many of my readers are mommies to all boys (including those wonderful, loving, adoring, PEE FILLED husbands of yours).

What's a mom to do?

Meme from Jessi

10 years ago I:
1.) Was raising two step children.
2.) Was not even legal drinking age.
3.) Was still pretty stupid about life.
4.) Was about to be engaged.
5.) Drove my '78 Dodge Colt...I miss that car!

5 Things on today's to-do list:
1.) Find black pants and a white shirt for Andrew to wear to school.
2.) Clean the bathroom.
3.) Do the dishes.
4.) Walk with Andrew before school to get out some energy.
5.) Figure out how to use my new IPod.

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1.) Pay off all my debts.
2.) Build a beautiful home for my family.
3.) Buy new cars.
4.) Get Zachary into private high school.
5.) Buy my own office.

5 Places I've lived:
1.) Old Ox Rd.
2.) Chamberlain St.
3.) Estes Rd.
4.) Milton, NH.
5.) Wolfeboro, NH.

5 Jobs I've had:
1.) Shoe sales girl.
2.) Movie theater usher/candy girl/ticket girl.
3.) Telemarketer.
4.) Mommy.
5.) Massage Therapist.

I am not going to tag anyone - take it if you like. Have a great weekend!


Thursday's Thankful Thirteen

We have had a few awful weeks. Given what my family has been going through, however, we still have many things to be thankful for.

1. I am grateful that our meeting on Tuesday went as well as could be expected. We are on the road to closure and getting well.

2. I am thankful that Zachary's parent teacher conference went well and I was able to bring home a report card full of threes and only a couple twos (they are graded in numbers 1-4. 4 is more than proficient, 3 is proficient).

3. I am thankful that Zachary was really disappointed about those twos and wants to work harder to get a report card with all threes and fours next quarter.

4. I am grateful for my family who has gone above and beyond the call of duty these past few weeks listening to many of my dramatic phone calls, taking the kids and helping Kirby and I in whatever way they can.

5. I am grateful for my friends who are my chosen family. They have listened to more than their fair share of phone calls these past few weeks. They have emailed and texted and just shown so much support.

6. I am thankful to live in a home that is heated and, mostly, windproof especially these past few days when the wind can go right through you and temperatures are in the 30s BEFORE the windchill is factored in.

7. I am thankful for my two feet that have been getting me to work lately. I have taken up walking to and from work most days and am enjoying the quiet and the exercise that I am getting.

8. I am grateful that my MP3 player survived it's time submerged in a glass of water thanks to Andrew. He was good enough to take the SanDisk out before he did it...I am not so sure that would have survived.

9. I am thankful to the client that gave me a new sweatshirt from her septic company. Andrew loves their trucks (because they have honey bees on them - he calls it a honey truck and thinks it is hysterical every time I remind him it is a POOP truck).

10. I am thankful that Kirby and both have stable employment. Times are tough for many families. We are blessed to have jobs that we can count on everyday. Many others are not as lucky.

11. I am thankful for food in our fridge, pantry and cabinets. Again, many are not as blessed as we are.

12. I am thankful that Kmart is offering layaway this year because we may be blessed and have steady work and food in our home, but money is still tight and I am thankful I can set it all aside and pay a little each week.

13. I am grateful that my children are safe, that they have a home, a loving family, food in their bellies and people who love and care about them every where they go.

Play along, join the gratitude, make a Thursday's Thankful Thirteen and link it over here.


Pure Joy.

I stole this from Tiffany who stole it from someone else.

If you need a smile, if you want to experience pure joy, if you want a laugh...even if you don't: WATCH IT!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.


Prayers and well wishes

Kirby and I will be attending a meeting tomorrow morning. It is an important meeting that will, hopefully, give us some answers and start a process of closure.

I am nervous and anxious. He, in typical Kirby fashion, is sleeping through his nerves.

Although I cannot and will not share the details of our meeting we welcome any thoughts and prayers for our family.

And if for nothing else, pray that this meeting will bring me back to some regular blogging :) I miss you all and apologize for the lack of comment love. I hope to be back soon enough.


October in Pictures

Things are, to say the least, crazy around here. Do we expect anything else in Crazy Town? I think not.
Your prayers are appreciated for my family through a rather difficult time. I will post as I can.
Until then, enjoy the pictures of our month!




Why is it that most everytime these kiddos get a few days "vacation" somebody decides that is the perfect time to bring the flu into our home?

Well, it has happened again. Poor Z spent all day Saturday running between the couch and the toilet, now it is A's turn and even I am having a hard time keeping my toast down...

Ugh! So much for a fun filled few days off!


Proud to be an American

I can remember few times that I have been as proud to be an American as I am right now.

I am overwhelmed with emotions in reaction to today's election. I have laughed and cried and fell to my knees when they announced the winner.

I am so proud to have been a part of making history. I am so proud that my children were a part in making history (both have campaigned, Z has met Obama and both voted today in school and with Kirby and I). I am so proud that my fellow Americans were a part of history today.

Today we voted for change. Our voices were heard loud and clear.



Get Out the Vote!

Please remember to get out there and vote today!