Some things I want to remember...

-Yesterday Zach says: "Did you know that Will Smith played a wrestler in a movie called MudMad Ally". Me: "Huh, never heard of that one". Kirby (who overheard the whole thing): "Do you mean Mohammad Ali the BOXER?".

-Saturday on our way home from breakfast with Santa Zachary asks Andrew "whose glasses are you wearing"...they were Kirby's. Seriously, all morning he has been wearing someone else's glasses and nobody noticed? HE didn't even notice...what's up with that?!

-I love that my children are becoming more independent but when it gets to the point when he thinks it's okay to take a different bus home (one that arrives 15 minutes later than his) and put me and Kirby (and both elementary schools) into sheer panic mode - NOT COOL! Yeah, he's grounded and I am NOT happy.

-"I have a train here that could, like, ahhhhh, huh...what?" -Andrew....and all the glory of his attention span.

-My latest Mother of the Year moment: Me in kitchen spilling raw egg "SHIT". Kid: "Bad word". Me: "Oh yeah, SUCK IT! How's that sound". I'd like to thank Roseanne Barr and all that she has taught me...

-Here in the boonies all snow days will be made up on Saturdays this year. I mentioned the Saturday school day to Andrew who is now having an absolute fit because "Saturday is an at home day!!!". Oh, my black and white boy...

-One day I locked us out of the house, making us VERY late for a family party. Zachary says to me: "Mom, I am so furryous". Furryous? WTF?!

Oh man, my kids crack me up. Someday I am going to write a book - they'll be the main characters alongside a bottle of Absolute (the bottle that mom used to help her make it through their lives).