I NEED This - SITS Contest

You know how your kids (or kids you know) whine..."I NEEEEED IT" about whatever it is that has sparked their interest in the store, or on the TV commercials, or out of the blue. Like: "I NEEEEEED that new Nintendo DS". And you reply (or I reply): "No, you don't need it, you want it, and there is a difference".

This is one of the many reasons that I am thankful for PBS and why I volunteer so much time there (okay, really that is just a great excuse to spend so much time there - I do ABSOLUTELY love it). PBS doesn't have those commercials that trigger the needs or wants.

When I saw this I had one of those I NEEEEED moments. I NEED THAT IPOD! You all know that I have a bit of an obsession with music (and if you don't you can go here, here, here or here). and you all know that I have been looking to find the best songs to put on my MP3 player.

What you may not know is that my MP3 player has been acting up lately. It shuts down whenever it feels like it. The batteries die frequently. And as I mentioned here I tend to look like a junky trying to get her fix when it won't work when I NEED it to.

I have been looking into buying a new MP3 but I can't talk myself into spending the money. I am MORE THAN frugal when it comes to spending money on myself. When it comes to the kids or my business I tend not to worry as much but when it comes to me I rationalize every reason and talk myself out of it.

Have I made it clear enough? I NEED THAT IPOD!

So here's what I need from YOU:

1) If you are not already a member of SITS go here and leave a comment. (The great thing about SITS is you find wonderful blogs to read and, if you are interested, often times it increases your readers and your comments).

2) Make sure you mention "CRAZY MOMMA" sent you in your comment.

3) Put this little label on your blog:

4) Go read some blogs!

Again, I NEED THIS IPOD! So make it happen :)


Molly said...

But I am going to win it and you live too far away for me to share it with you!!!!

It is a cool prize, the girls over there are great and give so much good stuff away. I was really lucky to win the Target card and had lots of fun with that!

I have a competition over at my blog and there are FOUR prizes so go check it out and even if you don't get the iPod, you might be a winner at my place.

Brandy said...

I did it...well cause you asked nicely.


Crazy Momma said...

Ah, Brandy, you rule!