Tribute to Mama's Losin It

Fellow blogger, from Mama's Losing It (see my favorite blogs to the right) is having a great contest. She is giving away 4 wonderful prizes and I want them all!

So as a thank you to Mama for this amazing contest (that includes NOTHING beige) I have decided to tell you all why I love her blog so much.

She has a myspace page. Honestly, I thought I was the one of the only grown women with children who had a myspace page. Ah, I feel so much better about myself.

Mama loves greyhounds. Myself, I could do without a dog (I have too many other living things to take care of) but Mama, well, she is a complete nutcase! As if a house full of children wasn't enough she wants to add a greyhound to the mix...LOL! What the heck is she thinking?

I think that Mama blogs in the shower. Again, with the amount of children in her home and the number of posts I see her make a day, I am not sure how she does it. If they make waterproof laptops, I am sure she has one. My only alone time is in the shower (and more often than not I am not alone there either). I wish Mama would let me know how she does it.

Now, if by some fluke her wonderful husband decides to leave her and she becomes a lesbian I would become her best friend and start dating her (not that I myself am a lesbian but am certainly considering since recent events). She is HOT - I would TOTALLY date her!

And the greatest thing about Mama is that she uses words like epistemology. Now I have no idea what that means and had to look it up on Wikipedia to find out. I guess that epistemology is the theory of knowledge...not that the definition helps me out any. But, heck, she is one smart cookie.

So now you all know my true love for Mama. If you feel the urge, go check out her blog, sign up for the contest and tell her I sent you!


Molly said...

She is the best!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hang on in there with the whole separation/custody. It's hard going I know, and as cliche as it sounds, it will get better.

Mama's Losin' It said...

I"m dieing! These posts are killing me. Very nicely done by the way!!

Three entries! Check!!

WheresMyAngels said...

When I looked that word up too, it sure didn't help me understand it!! lol

Great job!