Oh the drama of The Bickfords

If you haven't been following, I recently wrote my most controversial blog...at least according to my two brothers. The blog (My Destructive One) has gotten the most comments to date. Essentially, I was discussing how Zachary is one of THOSE boys, the boys that make you remember what boys are like and how my brothers were not. Neither of my brothers were impressed about what I had to say. One even insinuated that I had more testosterone than they did.

A small expert:

The worst that Loren did (oh man, he is going to kill me) was run around dressed like Mary Poppins with about 5 different umbrellas. Or there was the time he dressed like Peter Pan, complete with a feather in his hat. He was so serious I thought he might try to fly off the roof.

That afternoon I picked Zachary up from school. It was "media" (library) day and he had picked up a Harley Davidson book with about a million different pictures of motorcycles. In the front of the book was a piece of paper that had been colored green and folded...



I just about died laughing. I had told him nothing of the blog (he was in school when I wrote it). I asked him if it was a Peter Pan hat and he told me no, it was a Robin Hood hat. Well, they both wear tights...

It was the perfect end to the drama that surrounded the blog.

*The "drama" is just how my family is. We are not really mad at each other, we truly love stirring the pot with each other. That is how we communicate and get along.*

Actually looking at this picture (complete with rat tail) he is a lot more like my brothers than I thought. Loren had a rat tail until he entered high school and had to cut it for ROTC.

Tomorrow is a school day for my boys. This is the first of two Saturdays that will be used to make up all the snow days. I am a little concerned about Andrew as it will not be a regular day for him (his class does not have to go so he will be attending school with the morning kindergarten class). It's only 2.5 hours for him, I am sure he will survive.

Andrew had really started enjoying books that come with CDs. Turns out that my little man loves jazz! I go to the library about once a week to get them new books (Zachary reads about 5 or 6 books a week). This week when I went Andrew told me he wanted me to bring home a "CD book". Since I have already bought him the jazz CDs I got a different one.


The guy on the front seems a little creepy...the book isn't all that sturdy...I was worried. Come to find out, the CD is over 30 minutes long! I was REALLY worried.

Well, next time one of his teachers recommends medicating him for his attention issues I am going to show them this series of pictures:






Two days in a row he has listened to the ENTIRE CD and flipped through the book at the same time. This required absolutely nothing from me.

My point? Obviously there are ways to keep his attention and help him learn. We need to do everything we can to ensure that we find the ways to do that and implement them in his education.

So, I jumped online and found that this company makes a million different CDs. They have been added to my Amazon wishlist and (as soon as my summer clients start flocking again) I am going to start buying them all.

Every child learns differently. Andrew learns best by providing him with both visual and auditory aides. If the school department won't make that happen, I will provide them with the resources.

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