The polls have closed. It looks like I have lost out. My brothers have ganged up against me and Alex will not be starting his own blog...

Ah well, looks like I will just have to keep reporting on him for you....with my own tainted vision :)

Loren came and stayed a couple days with us. Kirby was out of commission and I wanted some help around the house. It was nice to have my little brother hanging out for a while.

There was a time that I would take Loren out on the weekends. We spent a lot of time at the movies. Since I worked at the movie theater we got in free. I took him to see each of the original Star Wars movies when they were re-released. I created a monster...

Other than that, things are pretty uneventful around here. The kiddos start April vacation on Friday and report cards come home then too!

The weather has been beautiful and we are getting outside a whole lot more. Matter of fact, my butt and legs are SO sore right now from all the walking we did today. I am thinking that I would like to start walking to work...something I will have to think more about.


Jessi said...

If Alex cheated, voted more than once that is, doesn't he technically lose?

What are your plans for vacation?

Jessi said...
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Nicki said...

Alex loses we say so!

I hope I get to talk to you soon, and I hope you are feeling a little better than the other day