I'm a bad mother!

Oh the curses I could curse! I could fill Jessi and Aaron's swear jar in one stinking sentence!

Zachary came home with his very first at-home project. They are writing autobiographies in class and this project was his family tree. I'm sure that many of you know what it is like to do a family tree with lots of people and a divorced family - there were plenty of names.

We completed all the names and decided to add pictures. In the world of digital photography, I never have prints. We have a million pictures on the computer, just not in print. Yesterday I uploaded them to Walmart and had Kirby pick them up on the way home with every intention of helping him finish it up last night.

I woke up this morning to the pictures still sitting on the desk. It had completely slipped my mind. Sonuvabiscuit!

Of course we can work on it this weekend and finish it up, redo it, whatever. But it was due today. His first project and I completely failed him! I feel like such a jerk!

Here are some of the pictures we were going to include:

Dad and Sue at their wedding in July, 06:

Mom and Bob:


And although we were not going to include pictures of Zach's aunt and uncles (there are too darn many to include on the size paper he was using) here is a great picture of Monica and her family at her brother-in-law's wedding last weekend:



Jessi said...

Nice pics, and you are NOT a bad mother...

Is it not Zachy's project too? Did he not remind you it was something you needed to work on.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

:) Thanks, Jessi.