Poka' and Pizza

April vacation officially started Friday. We don't have a much planned but we will be taking it day by day and, I am sure, doing plenty. With a week of sunshine promised, I know we will have lots to do! Expect shorter, less frequent postings over the next few days...

Friday evening Kirby and I met my friend Josiah for dinner. He and a friend were meeting a group that evening to hike Tuckerman's the next day. We had a great dinner at The Pizza Barn in Ossipee (if you haven't been there, it is exactly what it sounds like, a barn where they serve pizza). The food was alright, a nice family atmosphere (although, "the family" stayed home) - the company was great. I love Josiah and don't get to see him nearly enough!

Saturday Kirby and I went out again to play some Hold 'em with my family. We brought Zachary with us as he has a tendency not to behave for Tom.

"Paatnaas" - for those that don't speak stupid, that's Partners.

It was a small game, only 7 of us, but the pot was a decent size. The game was over by 11pm (thankfully).

The Third Place Winner

The Second Place Winner

The Loser :)

And guess who the big winner was????

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