Signs of spring

I think it has finally happened. Spring has finally hit little ole Wolfeboro and we are loving it!

Here are a some signs of spring that we have recognized:

-Fog. You don't usually see fog in the winter. I think of it as a spring weather occurrence. I had a really hard time driving last week because the fog was so dense.

-Baseball. Today is opening day at Fenway (not that I follow, but Andrew's bus driver informed me). Zachary started baseball practice (indoors) last week and had an outdoor practice yesterday (on a paved area behind the school).

-Flowers. While we have not seen anything in bloom, the crocuses are starting to pop up around town in the sunny areas. Many areas that don't get as much sun (like in front of our house) are still covered in snow.

-House flies. Although I haven't seen it, I have heard one buzzing at a window trying to get out. This isn't my favorite sign of spring but after the winter we have had, I will take just about anything.

-Mud. It is everywhere! My sneakers are yucky but, again, I will take it!

-Spring jackets. Zachary is upset with me because I wouldn't let him wear his spring jacket this morning. In my defense, there is still snow on his playground and they go out every day for recess. He is going to be doubly upset when he finds out I let Andrew (he doesn't have recess every day).

-Birds. I saw my first Robin a couple weeks ago and while Zach was with Grampie this past weekend they watched the woodcocks mating ritual for a while. Dad says it is quiet a sight and something I should try and see.

-Open water. My office is set right on the back bay of Winnipesaukee (I think I spelled that right first try - amazing). While it certainly isn't ready for swimming it is open. You can follow the "ice out" contest for Winnipesaukee here: www.winnipesaukee.com

-Canoes. On my way to Rochester on Sunday I saw truck with a canoe on top of it. I also saw a line of trucks towing boats (I think they were from a boat company though, so I won't count them).

-Walking and bike riding. Andrew has gotten out for a bike ride or a walk for the past 3 days. Zachary has walked, bird watched and played baseball instead. I can't remember the last time we were able to get outside 3 days in a row!

-Allergies. My noes is stuffy and I know that THIS TIME it is all about the allergies and I am even okay with that.

-Open windows. My windows are open, not only to let out that pesky fly, but to clear out the house. The winter dust and sheer stuffiness is ready to be cleared out with some fresh spring air.

-Spring Fever! I have it, the kids have it - we are READY! There is no better sign of spring than that!

This is why I love Wolfeboro. The video is from all over Winnipesaukee, but the beginning was shot right here in our little ole' town. Enjoy!

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