Andrew's Birthday Party Adventure - April Vacation Part One

I have one thing to say:
It's OVER!
Honestly, this is the most important part of April vacation!

Don't misunderstand me! I love my children and I love being able to do special things with them but, man oh man, they know how to drive me insane! Monday couldn't come fast enough!

Our week was pretty unadventurous. Thankfully, we had some beautiful weather to get out and enjoy (had there been rain I may not have been here to write this).

On Monday Andrew went to his very first birthday party! For a couple of months he has been talking about "C". C is a girl in his class that, I believe, he has a little bit of a crush on (although, if you ask him he will tell you he does "NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON C").

Due to his emotional nature, I do not spend time in his classroom during school hours. Therefore, I don't know who his classmates are unless they get picked up from school like he does.

A week before April vacation he came out of his classroom, invitation in hand, SO excited to be "going to C's house". Typically, I don't bring him to other kid's homes unless their parents are aware of Andrew and his "quirkiness". This was not going to happen. He knew what he was being invited to, he knew it was C's party, there was NO way he was going to let me out of this one.

Little did I know that C was a twin. C's twin sister is in Andrew's class...Of course, Andrew, being so fixated on C, never mentioned this. Again, no backing out now. We were going. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

The weekend before Andrew and I went out and got C and S their birthday presents. He was SO excited! Everyone we saw heard all about C and S's birthday party - too cute!

The morning of the party did not go by nearly fast enough for him. "When are we going" got a little annoying by the 15th time. But at 2 he was ready to go!




Thankfully, when I got to C and S's house I found out that their mother volunteers in the classroom one day a week. She knows Andrew and understands his "quirkiness". Both she and her mother assured me that they would keep a very close eye on him...I assured them I was not leaving him. :)

Less than an hour later I was ready to go. Keeping Andrew out of people's bedrooms and away from their (rather large) pond got a little tiring. As soon as cake and presents were done, so was I! It was too early by Andrew's terms (thankfully I was the one driving).

Since then, all the talk is about when C and S are going to come to our house...at least he wants to make friends, right?


Nicki said...

I am glad that it went well I know you were nervous! May it be the first of many that he has a good time at

Jessi said...

So, what did you get the girls for their birthday? It looks like there was a really cool pencil in there somewhere ;)

Glad to hear of his excitement. Sounds like a fun vacation for them...

As an aside, um, could Zachary look a little more like Kirby, hmmmm?

Cray and Bickford Family said...

No kidding, huh? Aside from the fact that I actually gave birth to them - there is no way anyone would recognize them as my kids. They are all Dad!

We got the girls books and a couple of neato pencils. The books were certainly not hits next to the Webkinz - ah well, can't be cool all the time :)