April Foolishness and Operation Hunter

Well, Nicki warned me, but I didn't listen. She told me that I had to be careful of the tricks I played on Zachary because he was going to start playing them on me soon enough...I didn't listen and now I am soaked because of it!

Yesterday I left Tom a note on the table, "Tom, no school, teachers are on strike....turn me over...APRIL FOOLS". Then I put tape around the sprayer on the faucet and told Zachary to go get Andrew a drink....

I took Andrew to get some x-rays (nothing serious, I promise) and came home to rubber snakes in the doorway and kids running around with scary masks on. They even made me tell Kirby that Tom had broken the window in his room so Kirby would run in there so they could scare him.

Andrew ran around all night yelling "APRIL FOOLS" about nothing in particular. Hysterical.

This morning, I turned on the water and, sure enough, Zachary had put a rubber band around the sprayer. Now I am soaked. I got warned...

I am disappointed that I was not able to get my father - he is always the most fun. I was, however, able to get Alex (just a few days too early) and, honestly, Alex is the hardest to get.

I went to the library last night and rather than an April Fools joke I was granted amnesty. I had $10 in fines for two movies I that were a week late. The librarian told me that it was amnesty day at the Ossipee Public Library and that I didn't have to pay. Now, I don't believe that it was truly amnesty day and now I feel badly about all the rotten names I have called dear Frank the librarian (who once told me that I shouldn't be allowed to vote because I hadn't read any books on history that were written in the 50s).

Thankfully, Andrew is back to school. He had one full week off with what started as a cold and turned into pneumonia. He hasn't had a fever since Sunday and has been on the antibiotics for the past two days - I sent him back. Hallelujah! He will be a bear tonight, he will be exhausted, but he needed to go back. We were starting to really hate each other.

I took them to the park on Sunday to get out in the fresh air - 30 minutes of Andrew sitting in the snow, doing nothing but eating it, I decided that it was time to go home. He was exhausted. Tom and Zach stayed a bit longer and played wiffle ball with a few kids in the neighborhood.




Zachary got a new Webkinz for Easter, a little beagle puppy that he promptly named Hunter (after our own little beagle puppy that now lives with Xander).

Somehow, Hunter had a bit of a mishap with his ear. I'm not sure how (and Zachary won't admit to how) but his ear became a bit detached and Mommy was drafted to fix him.



Now, I'm not sure that Webkinz is going to be hiring me anytime soon, but I am pretty proud of the job I did. You don't even notice. And, most importantly, Zachary is happy and now he can sleep at night because, of course, he "caaaaaan't sleeepppp without Huuuuunnter".


Jessi said...

I really like the word amnesty. It is often forgotten and under-used. I am going to try to figure out a way to work it into a conversation today.

Pneumonia- YIKES! Hope he is feeling better soon.

Some other great tricks for some fun harmless April Foolin': taping down the light switches, or filling a pitcher with ice cold water and throwing it over the shower door when your significant other is rinsing their face (so they don't see it coming.)

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Andrew is feeling better but his first day back was a rough one...routine is optimal in his life and without it he falters. Today was proof of that.

We do the ice cold water thing on regular occasion around here - no need for April Fool's Day :)

Nicki said...

lol I TOLD YOU SO! see you need to listen to me more hehe. but i love it, he got you good!

Cray and Bickford Family said...

That he did! "Payback", he says :)