Sunday Repost: The breakfast that nobody would eat and the pedicure that nobody noticed

Still on vacation. Plan on being back Monday or Tuesday. I have enough blogs planned to last until then...so I better be back.

Sunday Repost: The breakfast that nobody would eat and the pedicure that nobody noticed....

Gosh, it has been a little while hasn't it? I guess there is a ton to catch up on! Let's see...

Since last I wrote, the children have had an additional 2 snow days! Ugh! The day before Valentine's Day and today. I think we are at 9...but I could be wrong. It feels like 20 some days and other days it just feels like it is beginning to become normal, routine, almost.

One day last week I got a pedicure. Nobody noticed (aside from another woman in the salon who shouted "look at those toes" in reference to my bright red polish for Valentine's Day). I think I will share it here in hopes for a few comments (who says you can't go fishing in the winter).


I realize more every day that when you become a mom you tend to get lost in the crowd. That is mostly okay because the attention should be on my children. That is ESPECIALLY okay after receiving a Valentine like this:


Now, in case you can't read that it says:

To mom love zach
I love my mom. She
is nice. She
is grate!
Happy Valentins day

Nobody told him to do that, he came up with it all on his own...ain't nothing better than that! ESPECIALLY when you make this for breakfast and you are told that "I'm not really hungry" by everyone in the house aside from the human vacuum (Andrew):


I have to tell you, making heart shaped pancakes is no easy feat - at least not for me. Thankfully, the kids had a two hour delay that morning so I didn't have to get up too early to make a breakfast that nobody would eat...

It was also 100% okay because every time that Andrew saw me he would say "I love you, Mommy. Happy Valentine's Day." What a sweetheart :)

I had 4 clients on Valentine's Day, 3 of which are single women. I decided that I would buy them roses since they were very unlikely to get them from anyone else that day. It certainly warmed my heart to warm theirs. What wonderful reactions from every single one of them. That was also a PERFECT Valentine's Day gift!

Being the week of LOVE, I suppose it was fitting to read a couple of lovey dovey books. Both PS, I Love You and Sam's Letters to Jennifer were added to my "have read" list...

I have mentioned before how much I love Nicki and how she and I seem to run parallel lives in many ways...books are not one of them.

I love her to death (I think I need to make that more than perfectly clear) but, man oh man, we have different tastes in books! Neither book is awful by any means but they are sappy and lovey and, well, I think you get the point.

PS, I Love You was recently made into a movie starring Hillary Swank. I think it is probably a wonderful "chick flick". Sam's Letters to Jennifer was sweet and beautiful and makes you believe that romance like that can actually happen (if you aren't as lucky as Jessi and already have that on a daily basis, hehehe).

Nicki told me recently that I read really "heavy" books and I think she is right. And I think that "light" books are okay for me, every once in a while, but I can't do too many at once. On to The Time Traveler's Wife...

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you get millions of compliments on your pedicures, that everyone eats your breakfasts, that you heart is warmed from warming someone else's and that you read whatever books make you happy - and lots of them!

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WheresMyAngels said...

Girl, I thought you had went crazy. I didn't see the "repost" title and thought you needed somemeds to help you realize it ain't VD day!! lol