So, my twin west coast sister, Twenty Four at Heart (who isn't really my twin, but I think it's really funny to play up the fact that I think we are so much alike - what can I say, I am easily amused) is having a contest. The winner will get a $50 American Express Gift Card.

All you have to do is go comment ONE random fact about yourself. If you post a blog about the contest and link it to her blog you will get an extra entry.

Go check it out and tell her EricaB from Crazy Town, USA sent 'cha!


Twenty Four At Heart said...

That Twenty Four at Heart is sure great, isn't she? Ha! Actually, be mentioning the contest you get two additional entries so congratulations - you've now got a total of THREE entries which increases your odds! Good luck!

Crazy Momma said...

3 entries?! I totally rule!