Facebook, you are killing me!

I thought having a MySpace account was enough. The small part of me that desires to be a teenager again was fulfilled with MySpace. I thought I was good.

I was wrong.

After much contemplation and much fighting, Nicki, Jessi, Josiah and Will talked me into joining Facebook. And now I am in trouble. Seriously.

The mob is after me and it's all because of Facebook.

You see, Facebook is an addiction waiting to happen. While it is much like MySpace there are many different things (like you don't get endless chain letter like bulletins and it is, a little, more grown up). Facebook also has applications (which MySpace started using recently but I never paid any attention).

One of the applications is called Mob Wars. You join a mob, place hits, do jobs, take over the city, make money, fight people, kill people...you invite more friends to join your mob and increase your ability to defend yourself against other mobs. You see, it is just like a real mob.

While I am incredibly wealthy, own a beachfront hotel, a yacht, a container yard and can fight most anyone at my level, I am in trouble.

You see, my Facebook friends were smart enough to recognize the risks of joining the mob. Now my mob is too small. I get attacked and can't defend myself. I can't do the jobs that need to be done because I don't have enough mob members. My health is dwindling, and those that I have fought and won are coming back with gusto....they have even put out hits on me!

I am scared for my life.

The mob is after me and I don't know what to do....maybe it's time to change my name and go into hiding just like the family in Goodfellas...


Molly said...

Wow, serious stuff! I hope that none of your readers are bumped off just by association!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

For a price... i might know some people... or a person... who could help.......

Brandy said...

I've never did the facebook thing but I have a Mob on myspace that I play with occasionally. S is OBSESSED with playing and is so jealous of my sis's mob b/c it's so large. He's a dork.

Crazy Momma said...

Lizzy, I may give you a call. If not for the facebook...well...for other areas of my life :)

Molly, I think you are safe...well, I hope anyway :)

Jessi said...

hahaha... love that you are addicted to facebook.
Call me "the dealer" ;)