Thank you, thank you!

I worry that what I consider exciting news and what YOU consider exciting news are two VERY different things...

I have been awarded this:


My VERY FIRST bloggy award!

Twenty Four at Heart shared the bloggy love describing me as both a strange and awesome person all at once...I think that's nice, don't you?

Honestly, I can understand why she would have thought me strange. Each and every single one of her posts about her life in The O.C. remind me SO much of my life here in Crazy Town. Lots of people with big money, lots of gossip...lots of silliness.

Strange or not I am so excited about this award! Thank you Twenty Four at Heart! I love my new bloggy award!

So, as it seems to go, you are suppose to pass the award along to other deserving bloggers.

First Soy Sauce Packets and Epiphanies. Just when I was ready to give up on him Tony came back with gusto. His posts are often though provoking and other times completely hysterical. I encourage you to check him out.

And last, but certainly not least, is Have a Good Day Charlie. Sometimes Sophia and I live not too far from each other but have never met. She is such a creative person in her writing, her photos and her art. Her blogs often have me laughing until my stomach aches and you never fail to see a beautiful photo of the lake.

There are plenty of other deserving blogs out there but I know that many of the ones I read receive awards on regular occasion. And there are more than a few that I would nominate but they have their blogs set as private (you ladies know who you are).

Tony and Sophia, play along if you want, pass the award to other deserving bloggers. If not, eh, at least I had my 15 minutes (seconds?).


Molly said...


I always enjoy reading your blog.

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

thanks so much for the award!

thanks for not giving up on me.

he's baaaaaaaack!!!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I'm glad you like your new award! You deserve it!