Less TV, more sleep!

Kirby has a bad habit of turning the TV on in the bedroom, setting the sleep timer and falling asleep. I, unfortunately, am not able to fall asleep with the TV on. I watch it...many nights until 1am. I watch Will and Grace reruns, Sex and the City reruns, King of the Hill reruns, ET, The Insider, crazy PBS documentaries...you name it, I will find it.

One of the upsides of our separating (if there is such a thing as an upside to a separation) is that I have reclaimed the bedroom and reclaimed my sleep routine. After 10 years I have finally kicked the bedtime TV habit and I am LOVING it!

Kirby, unfortunately, has not kicked the habit. This means that while I am lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I can hear every word on the TV downstairs. It calls to me, I long to turn the TV in the bedroom on...I just want to see what is happening...but I don't.

I have started listening to music instead. I flip on my trusty MP3 player, turn it up if I need to, and drift into never never land, sleeping soundly through the night (well, as soundly as my lovely A will allow).

I've decided, however, that I seriously need a new MP3 player. You see, mine does not turn off on its own. I cannot create playlists. Therefore, I either wake up to turn it off again or get startled awake by A at my bedside having not heard him approaching.

It's official, the SITS automatic number generator thingy was wrong....it TRULY intended to pick MY number and award ME the Ipod. Seriously!


Molly said...

I'm confused - is Kirby still living at your house? I thought he had moved out?

When I got divorced, I made tons of changes that I always wanted and the ex never did. It felt so liberating!

Crazy Momma said...

While we are not "together" we have to be together until May. That is when our lease runs out. Neither of us can afford our place on our own, never mind that PLUS another place...I take lots of deep breaths!

Molly said...

Oh no! I am truly sorry to hear this, it must make your separation really hard because you still have to see him. You need a clean break. I wish you could do it now but I totally understand that. My ex thought he could cope on his own but he is is more debt than I am but I have gone beyond caring!

Hope May hurries up for you!

Amy said...

That sounds hard. You totally need the ipod though so you can make "sleep" lists. I listen to them with an eye mask on too because the tv is on in my room. Blocks out everything.