"Don't Forget..." to sing IN TUNE!

Thursday television drives me crazy. It use to be one of the best nights but since the writer's strike there is absolutely nothing on (except Lost which I REFUSE to watch). The past two weeks I have been watching Don't Forget the Lyrics.

I am not a huge fan of Wayne Brady, he annoys me. This show can be fun, however. The woman last week was nutty and had a great time.

Tonight I have re-discovered the reason I can't watch game shows where people sing (and, yes, this includes American Idol). I do realize that this show is not so much about singing and more about knowing the lyrics but you would think that a professional singer would do a decent job. Wrong! I understand that people (especially professional singers) have their own variations of songs but when you don't even recognize the song because of those "variations", well, that is no longer a variation in my opinion.

Tonight's episode features REO Speedwagon singer Kevin Cronin. Now, I don't consider REO Speedwagon to be the most amazing band ever, but I do expect them to be able to keep a tune. Wrong again. He stinks. He has murdered EVERY song he has sung (aside from the theme to Ghostbusters). I am so annoyed. I cringe at every note.

Now, I do not claim to be the best singer - not even close. But I do know what sounds right and what is absolutely wrong. I am a mix between Simon and Paula - I now how much they stink (like Simon) but don't have the heart to tell them (like Paula). And when I hear a note that isn't right - every part of my body rejects it. I can't listen anymore. I want to block my ears and run!

So this is how I feel about tonight's episode of Don't Forget the Lyrics. Kevin forgot the tune, the note, the beat and everything in between AND he is playing for charity but it has only been mentioned once in the last 45 minutes! Yes, it is a rather worthless post, but I am trying to catch up...

Andrew is still sick. It's odd. He acts like nothing is wrong (drives me crazy, runs the house) and then his fever spikes. I really thought he was over it and then his fever spiked again tonight before bed. I think that we might make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow (even though his doctor does not work Fridays) .

Of course, all this depends on the weather and if I can actually get out tomorrow! 4-8?! Holy cannoli! I thought we were through - guess I was wrong. We had our first baseball practice indoors tonight! I'm done with winter. Although I am not sure it will ever end...

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