7 years ago today...

I was at home with a sick baby. We were lying on the couch watching The Teletubbies when I got the call. PBS was one of the only stations that did not interrupt programming...I had no idea that the world, as I knew it, was changing around me.

I cried, I felt so lost and so out of control - like there was nothing I could do. I couldn't understand HOW, WHY, WHO would do this to us? I was scared. Would my baby ever know the world I knew?

I spent nights in front of the TV watching the terror unfold. I slept fitful nights...dreaming of war and buildings crashing around us.

And I am one of the lucky ones. I am blessed to have been so indirectly affected.

Heather from Mindless Junque posted this on her blog today and I have yet to find a video as perfect...if you can call a video about that horrifying day perfect.

For anyone that may be interested in learning about a man whose sole mission is to create peace in the Middle East please read Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time. The back cover describes this book as "the astonishing, uplifting story of a real-life Indiana Jones and his remarkable humanitarian campaign in the Taliban's backyard". Whether or not you agree with the war we are fighting now, or the war we are fighting in Afghanistan, this book is well worth the read.

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Insane Mama said...

Ahhh, I have been seeing everyones account today and the chills just keep coming and going coming and going