Fall Cleaning

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a housekeeper. Clutter infiltrates my life in every area...but I'm working on it! It is not a joke when I say I often have to look over a mountain of miscellaneous paperwork to see the computer screen. I have seen blogs where people take pictures of certain areas of their home each day...that could NEVER happen!

Today, this afternoon, for a couple hours the boys and I are going to do some chores. As soon as Z is done his homework we are going to get started. Problem is that we all get SO BORED with cleaning. So I am adding some "fun breaks". Every 15 minutes (as long as everyone has worked their tails off) we are going to break for 5 and have some fun!

So today I want to know how you all keep your house in order. How do you get your kids to keep their rooms clean? How do you find time to keep your house clean (between blogging and kids and work, etc)? What chores are your kids responsible for?

My sister Monica uses Fly Lady...and it seems to work for her. Do any of you have experience with the Fly Lady's approach to housekeeping?

Thank you all for your laughs the other day! There were some great jokes and great videos! I loved it!


Molly said...

My house is very cluttered and Ned makes it very messy. I tend to leave it during the week and then have a blast at the weekend. I actually took a day off work to clean last week as I hadn't done anything for two weeks and it really did take me all day. I like to pace myself though, schedule a break and watch a tv show while I have lunch. And you can never clean the house properly with kids around, you just need to be by yourself, dancing to Car Wash and other 70's songs and then you don't feel like it is such a chore!

Jessi said...

I'll tell ya my secret, but remember this is coming from someone who is a perfectionist to the extreem with no children!!!

I clean my house every morning. I spend about 20 minutes before I walk out of the house making the bed, doing any dishes in the sink, and generally tidying up. I use the dust buster in certain areas.

I find this keeps things looking great and cuts down on my weekend chores...

Sounds like a lot more fun at your house... taking a break for 5 minutes to do something fun!!!

Melissa said...

I haven't used flylady but I have friends that swear by that program. We only have 1 kid and we have a cleaning lady so the house stays clean, but the problem we have is getting our daughter to keep up on her toyroom-she will let it get so bad and then it's just overwhelming. I don't want to do it for her so what we'll do is divide the room into 4 quadrants and have her work on 1 at a time. It makes it more manageable for her.

American in Norway said...

I love Fly Lady.... although the emails get too much for me... I have taken alot of her tips...suck as the 15 min timer...(you can do anything for 15 min.) Keeping my sink clean... making my bed & getting dresses right away...
I am getting better & better... but still have things we need to work on.