Fun Filled February Vacation?

I think not. Try "Flu" Filled instead. I put quotes around "flu" because it was not actually influenza (I know, I had Andrew tested)...but it sure had all the symptoms: feverish, vomiting, runny nose, coughing, headache, achy, etc. It was the week from hell.

As I mentioned, I was able to get the camera to work, so I thought I would post a picture of the puzzle Zach and I put together Sunday night (excuse the half eaten scrambled eggs...it was the only picture I got before Andrew got to the puzzle).


Thankfully, we were all able to make it bowling on Monday. Zachary was feeling up to it and I assumed he was better. We had a great time with my sister and her boys and Sue (Dad's wife).



Zachary beat us all! He was so proud!

Unfortunately, he really wasn't better and by Monday night he was passed out on the couch again.

Tuesday I was sick as a dog. I couldn't even get out of bed. Every part of my body hurt, I had a headache...I could go on but I think you get the point. Thankfully Tom was still well and he was able to keep an eye on the boys (or Andrew because Zachy spent the day on the couch again).

Wednesday Zachy was better but Tom had come down with it. I was still not feeling great but I had to get back to the regularly scheduled programming. Andrew felt fine which meant chasing him around all day. Since Zach was better I dropped him at my Mom's for a "double sleepover". He spent Wednesday and Thursday night with her and went to Check E. Cheese with her on Friday.

On the way home from dropping Zach with Mom, Andrew and I stopped to meet Kirby who was just leaving work in Rochester. Andrew really wanted to see Daddy's new job, so Kirby brought him in (I refused, I hadn't been out of my pajamas all day and hadn't showered). Kirby decided that Andrew could ride home with him. Thank God he did (well, thank God for me). Andrew decided that 5 minutes from home was the perfect time to lose his lunch...all over Kirby's car. And that was the start for Andrew...

Thursday on the couch...all day...he is so cute, he wanted to be sociable but could barely lift his head off the pillow:


He seemed to start feeling better Thursday night but was still pretty junky. Early night with Advil before bed. I still felt like hell (and I am incredibly grateful that nobody took a picture of me while I was sick).

At 4:45am Friday morning Andrew came over to the bed. I thought he needed water but he started making the strangest sound. Kirby hollered for me to turn on the light and we saw that Andrew was having a seizure, has stopped breathing and was gurgling. I ran for the phone, called 911 and was on the phone with the operator and he was still seizing. It lasted about 60 seconds (not long in seizure terms but FOREVER in Mommy terms).

This was not Andrew's first seizure. He has had 4 total in his life (that I am aware of) and they, typically, come about when he has gotten hurt (bumping his head or hip or something). His previous ones have been very quick and he never appeared to stop breathing. I have never even had the opportunity to call 911 before - they were that quick. This one was completely different.

When he finally came out of it he was drained (completely contracting your entire body for a minute can be exhausting). The EMTs, police and fire rescue arrived (to my disaster of a home) and we went off to the hospital (Andrew was very excited to take a ride in the ambulance). The doctor took some blood to see if it was caused by something metabolic (it wasn't) and sent us home.

We spent Friday on the couch again...

Zach came home Friday night but we spent the rest of the weekend recovering from our sickness. Honestly, none of us are fully recovered but we needed to get out of the house today (or Mom was going to start hanging them by their toes and whipping them with wet noodles).

Andrew is going to check in with the doctor tomorrow (although I don't expect anything, they have never had any answers before).

Hopefully we can have a Fun Filled April Vacation...and hopefully we got sick enough this time to last us a little while.

I did have the opportunity to finish The Time Traveler's Wife (once the words stopped swimming on the page - about day 4). I will blog about that later...


Jessi said...

I am glad you (and the family) are feeling better.

Keep us posted about Andrew. That is so scary!

Nicki said...

yes please let me know what doctor heath says. Bowling looks fun though!