Getting lost...

What a weekend. I am done with the weather and ready for something a bit warmer (and drier) so we can actually get these kids outside! I worked for a few hours Saturday morning and came home to kids bouncing off the walls. We decided to go for a ride and "get lost".

Of course, having an autistic child and a child that feels the need to know everything, that wasn't such a great plan. I tried to help them through their anxiety by telling them we would go to Barnes and Noble, eventually, and not to worry. No, we would not get lost "forever", we would come home at night. It didn't really work...

We headed down 28 then 11 and through Rochester and down 125 into Plaistow and Haverhill, MA. Before we had even hit Alton, however, Andrew was crying and asking when we were going to get to "the bookstore". "Later", I told him, "don't worry". But he did.

By 4:30 Zachary was already complaining about how "hhhuuuunnnnnggggrrryyyy" he was (thankfully Andrew was asleep by this point or he would have started in as well). I told him we would stop for food soon enough. Of course, he felt the need to point out EVERY convenience store we passed 'cause we "could get food there".

We stopped at Building #19 in Haverhill. I guess this is the ultimate discount store. I wasn't impressed...Kirby's family had been regulars at Building #19 all the while he was growing up, so he was psyched. I saw lots of dust, mismatched shoes and over priced furniture. Don't get me wrong, I love discount shopping, but I have to be in the right mood for it. Having been in the car for 2 hours, stopping at every car dealership (Kirby wants a new truck) and listening to whining kids...I wasn't in the mood.

Dinner. We decided to hit The Fox Run Mall's food court. Everybody wanted something different, so this was our compromise. The kids chose McDonald's (they already had the toys and were none too happy when I refused to ask for new ones), Kirby chose China Chopsticks (or something like that) and I chose Taco Bell (all the while watching, watching them make my food, really wishing I had gone for Subway).

After eating we wandered the mall a bit (man, it isn't what it use to be), the boys played in the "playground", rode a few rides (I sneaked into Limited Too and got Andrew a couple Webkinz for his birthday), got a couple cookies ($3!!!), waved at the Easter Bunny (who was drinking an iced coffee) and made a trek over to Barnes and Noble.

I told them each they had $10 they could spend on BOOKS (I have to make that clear or we walk out with a stuffed animal). I then had to make clear that it had to be books you can read on your own ("no, you may not have the Pirates of the Caribbean book that is for ages 13"). Zachy got two Magic Treehouse books but still had $1 left...and wasn't leaving till he found a book for $1 (I finally put my foot down). Andrew wasn't happy with anything and finally ended up with a Curious George book and The Little Engine that Could. I picked out 4 books (Icy Sparks, Sellevision, The Other Boleyn Girl and Daniel Isn't Talking). $80, two ungrateful children and a pissy husband - I was ready to go!

An hour long drive (thankfully Zachary fell asleep but Andrew sang the whole time), home around 9:30pm...$35 in gasoline...$80 in books...$50+ in food....$17 on birthday presents...bedtime as soon as we walk in the door...priceless!

I'm ready, spring can come anytime! We need days at the park, bike rides and Pooh Sticks, walking to Dunkin Donuts. I am done with winter and ice and snow!

Of course the entire weekend was frigid so I did enjoy Sellevision (Nicki, I think you would too) it was a quick read with a soap opera plot, plenty of humor and a few shocking details. Now I am reading Icy Sparks which was a book from Oprah's Book Club.

I have the day off from work and I am going to do nothing but lay around, read and nap! I am looking forward to it!


Nicki said...

read Icy Sparks liked that one, and have the other Boleyn girl haven't read that yet. Will have to check out the other one

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Just finished Icy Sparks - pretty good. Of course, there are few books from Oprah that I don't like.

Jessi said...

I hope you had fun "laying around."
Although I suspect you ended up working on something/somehow.

I like the idea of going on a ride to get lost.

It sure does sound like an expensive ride!!

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER said...

the easter bunny drinking an iced coffee is like watching santa eat reindeer meat...

Cray and Bickford Family said...

When I was in my early 20s I worked in a mall. Around Easter time I watched the mall "Easter Bunny" remove her head and take a drink...in the middle of the mall!!

Just awful!