Sue update part deux

I realized that I never finished my Sue update and we have some VERY exciting news!

As you know, Sue had a single mastectomy in January and had a half dozen or so lymph nodes removed a week later. She was scheduled to start chemotherapy this week and instead has started back at work!

A few weeks back she visited with a geneticist who informed her that, after some testing, she is very unlikely to have a recurrence and that chemotherapy did not seem necessary! So, instead of spending another 12 weeks (or so) receiving chemo treatments and watching her hair fall out she is back at work and doing fantastic!

This is such exciting news for all of us!

Sue is taking Andrew to see The Wizard of Oz this weekend at the high school and I hope to get some pictures and show them sometime next week.

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words and prayers!

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