Don't get your shoes!

A friend of mine posted about her nose blowing experience on Facebook today. She was 2 miles from home and had to use an oak leaf.

For some reason, her story reminded me about peeing in the woods with Andrew (who I also had to teach how to poop in the woods this summer...but that's a different story).

A few years ago, while we were at camp, we were fishing at the lake and I had to pee. The lake is about a mile and a half from the camp so I was stuck peeing in the woods. I had to take Andrew with me for fear he would fall into the water while I was gone. To keep him occupied I gave him the toilet paper and asked him to hold it.

As I was squatting, arrange my pants and trying to ensure I didn't pee all over myself, Andrew kneels down. He gets real close to my stream...

Meanwhile I can do nothing unless I want it to end up all over me (and him).

He reaches out and puts the toilet paper right in the steamy stream of pee. Awesome.

These are the things I want to remember forever so I can absolutely mortify him at 23, when he brings home his fiancee.

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