Little things I want to remember...

Today, on the way to my doctor's appointment, Charity and I have the cutest conversation.

C: You breath, Erica?  The doctor listen to your heart?
Me: Yes, baby, the doctor will listen to my hear.  How did you get so smart?
C: At Grum's house.


Last month we went to camp.  At camp the boys are allowed to pee wherever boys want to pee.  A week after returning, Kirby and I were sitting on the front porch and Andrew came flying out the door from the house.  He runs behind a bush and drops his pants.

Andrew: I had to pee.
Me: You can't do that at home, only at camp.
Andrew: But I had to pee!


Tonight as I am putting Andrew to bed we have a quick conversation about his crazy behavior.

Me: Andrew, what is going on with you tonight?!
A: I'm outta control.
Me: Yes, I see that, but why?
A: Because it's a full moon, or a half moon or a crescent moon.  It's some kind of moon.


Andrew walks into the house last week, sees that it is clean and says "are we having company".  Shit.

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