Why bother?

"Cleaning your house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing"-Phyllis Diller

Yeah, this has become my new favorite quote.  I am supposed to be in a cleaning frenzy as we have a new babysitter coming today.  Instead I am wasting time on Facebook, writing a blog, making phone calls....everything BUT cleaning. 

And this quote makes complete sense to me...Why clean it?  They are just going to mess it up anyway!

What HAVE I done? 

Well, I vacuumed up all the little crumbs off my living room carpet.  The week old goldfish, the pieces of thread torn from their sweatshirts, the cat hair and tracked in pebbles...

I have mopped the bathroom and rid it of boy smell...in the process completely singing my sense of smell and taste (does anyone else have that problem with bleach) and wiped down the sink and counter...

I have swept and spot mopped the kitchen (mainly under the table where the food that nobody likes ends up or the spilled milk)...

And what do I have left? 

Laundry.  A couch full of washed and dried laundry that needs to be folded.  The toys should be kicked back in the playroom.  The windows should get cleaned.

And then I wonder...why?  The laundry will get worn one day and end up right back in the same spot.  The toys (no matter how we try) never stay in the playroom, the windows will have fingerprints within hours of washing them. 


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