I miss you!

Yesterday was Andrew and Zachary's first time with their new babysitter.  Kirby and I have always done our best to arrange our schedules so the kids don't need sitters, but as my business grows and since he started driving for the school district, things have had to change. 

We were so lucky to know a young lady who has the time and desire to watch our two monsters for an hour or so after school.  She is fantastic and I am so thankful she was able to make it work with us.

Back to the story.

Yesterday was her first day.  She picked them up at school, brought them home, got snack and started homework.  I walked through the door before 4:30 - they have only been home for 45 minutes.  Andrew runs to the door, jumps in my arms, "Mooooommmyy!!! You're back!!  I missed you!!".  You'd think I had been gone for days. 

God I love that kid.

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