Liar, liar.

I love that little kids can't tell time.  I think it is an amazing gift provided by God.

I have no idea what time Little Miss got up this morning but I do know that by the time I got up she had already been through the house, "stealing" little bits and pieces (including Andrew's glasses) and making a mess.

I also know that since she got "caught" this morning and tried like hell to charm her way out of it (which did not work) she has cried.  "Go potty"..."noooooooo, neva', eva'".  "No, you may not watch TV, you were playing with the computer", "noooooooo, can I watch TVs? Let me 'pologize to you". 

Thankfully, at 2 1/2 Little Miss still naps.  She always naps after lunch.  And, thankfully, at 2 1/2 Little Miss can't tell time. 

So by 10am she had eaten her "lunch" and is now napping nicely in her bed. 

Liar, liar....

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