What's that smell?

Much to Brian's dismay, this post is NOT about the Potty Wars.  Though, I promise I will do one regarding that specific topic very soon (and perhaps the title will be the same...).

As I was switching laundry today, I noticed a horrendous smell coming from the laundry room.  While I know clothes get dirty when you wear them, we only wear them once...they don't get THAT dirty (and if my kids smell that bad obviously I am not bathing them enough...though I was sure once every two weeks was enough...).

I pulled the two baskets of dirty laundry down and checked behind the washer and dryer where I found no less than 4 pairs of dirty underwear (I couldn't understand where all the new underwear I bought was disappearing to), 5 lonely socks and a shirt....none of which was the source of the smell....

I decided that the best idea was to just start washing.  Eventually the smell would come out in the...well, the wash. 

As I am loading the washing machine I grab a towel and find the source.  Somebody (KIRBY!!!!) wiped up spilled tuna juice with a towel and left it to sit. 

So now a load of laundry is running on the hottest water possible with both laundry detergent and Pine Sol (to kill whatever may be living on that god awful smelling towel).


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