We've got her!!

Or THEY have her...but really, she is OURS, right?!

Yesterday my sister and her family got to meet their baby girl. She is gorgeous, of course and it appears that she knows her mommy already. She fell asleep in Monica's arms before the day was over.

This has been such an amazing journey for all of us. Especially for Monica and her family. Taking a trip to Korea, meeting Steve's family (people that his mother hadn't seen in 17 years, people that Steve had never even met) and bringing home a baby girl. But for the rest of us, to even be a part of it...uh, I'm getting all veclemped (except I am not Jewish...so I don't know how to spell it).

I spoke with Monica and Christian (my nephew) yesterday afternoon (or VERY early morning their time - the boys are having a hard time adjusting to the time change). This was before they got to meet their baby (and sister) but even talking to Christian about it I started to cry. He is such a compassionate, loving little man. He is going to be an amazing big brother to this little girl (and he is already an amazing big brother to Than).

Tonight she will be spending the night with them in their hotel room then they all head home. They will be arriving here on the East Coast Saturday afternoon (at which point in time her adoptive name will be announced). Our plan is to meet them at the airport but Z is racing his Pinewood Derby car that day...if he stinks then we go, if he is great then we probably won't make it (is it awful that I SO SELFISHLY WANT him to stink?!?!).

I have pictures but am not ready to share them with the whole Internets....not until I have permission.

Prayers for a safe, uneventful journey home and an easy transition from foster mom to adoptive mom for our baby girl.

Another unnumbered Thankful Thursday's Thirteen. My gratitude cannot be measured.


Me said...

That is exciting news!! I hope the transition goes smothly for them.

verygoodyear said...

This is so amazing for you and your family :] Pardon if this is intrusive and you certainly don't have to answer, but why did your sister & her spouse make the decision to adopt?

WheresMyAngels said...

That is so cool! I sure hope they give permission to post photo's!

Lets hope your son stinks!! ha ha