Happy Birthday, Dear Loren!!

A VERY Happy 21st Birthday to my little brother, Loren. I love you very much.

Here are a few of my favorite memories:

  • I remember when you thought you were Peter Pan. You seemed so convinced that there were times I was terrified you would try to fly from a tree or the roof...
  • I remember you sitting on the living room floor, encyclopedias spread around you, in a pull-up. You could read (and read well) but you weren't potty trained!! YOU give me hope for Andrew...
  • You were SO cranky as a baby and that the only thing that would sooth you was your bouncy seat in front of a sing-along-song movie. I could probably still sing those songs in my sleep.
  • I took you to your first Star Wars movie and the second and the third (and I kick myself all the time for it). I loved taking you to those movies.
  • Dad let you cut school one day and I took you Christmas shopping and to see Space Jam. It was such a great time and one of my favorite memories of us.
  • When you first started dating Emily and you had her ring tied around your neck on a piece of string. You got so embarrassed when I asked you about it.
  • At your graduation party that you sang Piano Man and did it well - I would have been to scared to get up there alone. I was so proud of you.
  • You played your trumpet at Monica's wedding and everyone thought it was a CD - you were amazing for an 11 year old kid!
  • Remember that time Dad brought a woman home for dinner? Probably the first time he brought a woman home. You farted at the dinner table. She never came back.
  • The day you were born, Mom and Dad called from the hospital and told us your name and Alex cried because he wanted you to be named Clay.

    Just a bit of advice on your 21st:

    1. Do NOT get drunk in front of Dad. If you are getting a little buzzed STOP. He WILL kill you - or at least make you feel about 2 inches tall and you will WISH you were dead.

    2. If you think you are going to get sick GO TO THE BATHROOM. Don't think that you can overcome it - I promise, you CAN'T!

    3. Drinks are expensive. If your plans are to become an alcoholic you need to get a job that pays better than the one you have.

    4. You WILL NOT like beer. I know it is all "manly" to drink beer but it REALLY IS yucky. You will hate it. My best advice, grab a vodka with cranberry juice or Kahlua and milk or even a Captain and coke and put it in a clean beer bottle...that way Alex doesn't make fun of you for drinking the "fruity" drinks.

    5. Remember no drinking and driving. This is the MOST important. If you need a ride call me. I don't care where you are or who you are with...Kirby will come and get you :)

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Loren said...

Thanks, Erica! Don't worry, I wasn't planning on getting drunk, and I don't plan to become an alcoholic, either. And I drive safely, all the time. Not just because it's cool, but because it's the right thing to do. I love you!