I LOVE books!!

I think I have expressed before how much I love to read. My goal this year is to read 52 books (one for every week). I have already read 5 (all of which are listed to the right and all of which I recommend except The Last Girls - too wordy for me).

I was on Facebook the other day, playing Scrabble with Nicki, and this ad pops up on the right of the screen. Usually I never click those ads (we all know that is how websites pay for their free sites to be up, we SHOULD click them and click them often) but this one intrigued me. It said something about getting The Twilight Series for free. So I clicked it. It brought me to www.swaptree.com...

And it opened up a NEW WORLD for me!!

This place is SO FREAKING AWESOME! You list the books that you have (the ones you are willing to part with - for me this DOES NOT include The Twilight Series), list the books you want, they match you up and BINGO you have a new book!!

I put about 15 books on the list, added about 15 to my "want" list and immediately they told me that I had a potential trade. I "initiated" the trade, the other party accepted, I dropped hers in the mail and today I got my new book.


For about $5 in postage (even less if you buy it online DIRECTLY THROUGH SWAPTREE) I got a new book.


Not only does this work for books but you can swap for music, DVDs and video games. Currently there are about 620 items available to me.

Check it out if you have a moment. I am absolutely in love :)

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