Belly changes

I have been taking weekends off of my "diet" and exercise regimen. I don't track my calories, I don't push myself to work out and I don't, really, pay attention to what I am eating. I think it is a fair compromise. 'Cause telling myself "never" doesn't work (at least not today).

Both Saturday and Sunday I realized that I am not sure that is going to work. I didn't go overboard with food but I certainly ate like the calories didn't count. And, man oh man, I felt it!

Saturday we went for dinner at my mother's. It is not uncommon to eat at my mom's on Saturday for "beans" but we hadn't been there in a little while. This week we were sure to make it because the next day Mom, Monica, Steve and family were leaving for KOREA!!

I was SO full by the time we left there I thought I might have to undo the button on my pants...

From there we went to my father's where Kirby was going to play poker while I sat in a rocking chair in front of the fire reading a book watched the children. I couldn't eat a thing. I looked (oh BELIEVE ME, I looked - my aunt had even brought whoopie pies...YUMMY), but I couldn't do it.

Sunday, I flat out ate like crap. I can't even begin to tell you the junk that I ate (too embarrassing). It wasn't that I ate A LOT it was that there was absolutely no nutritional value to any of it (including the whoopie pie that we brought home from Dad's).

Worse than that, my mood was horribly effected. I found myself irritable and cranky. I felt yucky and full and bloated.

So I went for a walk. I went down to the local bookstore (The Country Bookseller - if you happen to be in the area I HIGHLY recommend it - wonderful place, wonderful people, so friendly). It isn't a very long walk - not even half of the way to work (which I walk to about 4 days a week) and I was winded coming home...

It could have been the air (very dry and colder than all hell), it could have been the pace I was walking (a bit faster than usual because of the temps)...but it could have been that I had absolutely ZERO nutrition in my body and very little water.

Two weeks into these daily changes and my belly is already feeling it.


Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The weekend makes it really hard to stay on track. Two words: Portion Control. I try to exercise portion control, so that even when I'm eating crap, I'm not eating too much of it. Just my twisted justification. I'll check back for the recipe tomorrow.

KGW said...

Long story short. The previous comment from Christie is actually from me. I commented on your blog not realizing my sister was signed in on my computer.

Nicki said...

I know what you mean! I ate 2 pieces of pizza yesterday and then I felt blech all day. I think the walking you are doing is great!

PS ready for a snow day tomorrow? ugh1

Candice said...

I can totally relate to how you're feeling. When I eat like crap I get cranky and people tend to run away from me at warp speed. I also end up foregoing the exercise regimen when I eat horribly. I know, it doesn't make any sense.

I'm ready to get my groove back though. If I don't I'll have to buy new jeans, and that would be tragic!