I cried, I got chills, I texted...

Yes it is. Yes we did! Yes HE will. Today is the first day of the next 4 years.

When I saw Barack Obama in Dover, NH over 2 years ago I KNEW he was something special. Never before had I been so excited about a presidential campaign. But I KNEW this was MY time. So I signed that little card asking for volunteers.

When Max from the Obama campaign called me and asked me to help I told him ABSOLUTELY as long as I didn't have to make phone calls. Two weeks later I drove an hour to the Conway, NH district office and did just that...made phone calls. Because I BELIEVED.

And through the summer and fall I worked and worked and worked. I knocked on doors, I made phone calls, I worked events, I talked and debated and prayed and I hoped.

When all the Wolfeboro volunteers gathered in Phil's living room on primary night there was a palpable energy. We KNEW we had worked and worked and worked and made a difference in the minds of voters across the town. When OUR numbers came in and WE WON Wolfeboro - the energy became electric.

When they announced that Hillary Clinton had taken the state I cried. I was heartbroken, knowing how hard I had worked, how hard my fellow volunteers had worked...it hurt. I was in a state of shock for a number of days. The polls had predicted a 17 point lead. It killed.

And when he DID become the Democratic nominee. I was thrilled. I knew how hard I had worked and how hard volunteers across the nation must have worked to make that happen.

I did not volunteer through the general election. I had burned myself (and my relationships) out during the primary. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of time away from my family and friends. A lot of time on the phone debating why Obama WAS the right man for the job. I wouldn't take it back for anything - but I knew that I could not sustain (and my relationships could not sustain)another 6 months of working that hard.

When Charlie Gibson paused on election night, waiting for the California polls to close, I thought "WTF is he doing?". And then it happened. He announced that Barack Obama was the next President of The United States of America. I fell to my knees. I cried, I got chills, I texted, I cried, I got chills, I SCREAMED.

Today IS THE DAY. The day I worked so hard for. The day that I wanted so badly. The day that so many of us prayed and hoped and worked for.

Whether or not you voted for him, I hope that you recognize what TODAY is. Today is the first day of the next four years. The first day that Americans can say that we have a black man serving as our commander and chief. The day that history is made. The day that I can look at my children and say, "THIS is what I worked so hard for. THIS is what we stood on the corner holding our signs in subzero temperatures for. THIS is what took me away from you for nights upon nights upon nights. THIS is why we vote. This is why we are AMERICANS. THIS is the first day of the next four years."

He will not be perfect, he will make mistakes. But today is a day that we can all be proud of the democratic process that we are a part of - whether you voted for him or not, the democratic process works.

Democrat or Republican, man or woman, black or white...this is history. Take a minute and be part of it.


me said...

I have watched it online and I almost feel like an American, I am so proud and honored to have witnessed this. I feel the same as you, I believe he will make some mistakes, none of us are perfect, but I think he will be one of the best presidents this country has seen. It is a fantastic day!

Heather said...

I'll be honest, I didn't vote for him, but as an American I will stand up and support him. He's our president now and I totally respect that.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Awesome, isn't it?! :)