Saturday Night Beans and Fishing Frustration

Another beautiful weekend!

Yesterday I worked for a little bit. Zachary had a baseball game (it poured a good majority of the time) and we went for Saturday night beans at Mom's.

Saturday beans have been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. It use to mean going to my grandparent's, hanging with my cousins, riding around in the golf cart, picking wildflowers and begging my grandparents to let me stay the night. It also meant me being spoiled rotten because I refused to eat beans and hated hot dogs without a roll. My grandmother use to specially make me a tuna fish sandwich.

Now we rotate between my sister Monica's house, my mother's house and my grandfathers. Last night was at my mother's. We don't go to beans when they are at Gramp's because the boys get too out of control and Gramp can't handle it anymore (he tries to but the noise makes him even more anxious than he already is due to his Parkinson's disease).

Everyone had a good time but come 7pm I was ready to go home. It had been an incredibly long day!

**Break here...got a sick kiddo home and no time to finish the post. From now on "today" will be referred to as "Sunday"...hehehe, 'cause you all are just so stupid, right?!**

Sunday was a perfect day for fishing! We spent about 3 hours on the lake and had great success.

Recently I posted on my Wolfeboro forum (www.wolfeboro.net) that I was looking for some good fishing spots in (or near) town. I had a great response from one member who suggested a number of different places. We decided to try the closest (and easiest to get to) on Sunday.

As I said, we had great success:








The last photo is a shot of the snapper that gave Kirby a run for his money all afternoon. Every time Kirby brought his line past the turtle he would reach out and grab his bait or his line. I can't even tell you the number of times he got caught. I encouraged Kirby to move but, you know how men are. The "easy road" is just too easy.

Zachary didn't catch anything and he was pretty frustrated. In the span of a week he seems to have forgotten everything we taught him about fishing. He snapped his line 3 times, he couldn't stay in one spot and he got so frustrated when we all caught something but him.

And never mind Andrew. What a monster he was! He threw things in the water (tackle, litter, and even some goldfish crackers - which the turtle really enjoyed), he couldn't stay out of the tackle box and he refused to fish. It was a rough afternoon with him.

I'm not sure what is happening with him these past few weeks but he has been monster child x3. He is hitting and kicking and talking back like nobody's business. I think the expectations at school and home are getting too high for him but I don't want to back down and for him to get the wrong idea. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'm hoping that his summer program may be just what he needs. More play, less stress of "real" school. More socializing, more time outside and more time getting his energy out. If it doesn't help it is going to be one LONG summer with him being home every afternoon...

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