"Crayz" Critters

The cat is in quarantine. He's been locked in the bathroom until further notice. It may seem like severe punishment but if you were to walk into my home you would understand why.

When we got the cat we signed a contract that he would be kept an indoor cat. Every fiber of this cat's being wants to be an outdoor cat. Every change of season he sits in the windows crying, begging to be let outside. And now, just to prove how angry he is with us, he has started using our entry way as a litter box.

So a decision was made: Either he gets "retrained" or he goes out - for good. There is no medical reason for his urinating on the beautiful carpet that adorns my entry way. He is angry and he is showing us his anger...that's it (I know because he told me so...).

My kids LOVE this cat. He has been with us as long as the kids can remember. It would be heartbreaking to get rid of him. He fits into our family perfectly. wicked lovable with a few quirks (like the rest of us). Heck, Andrew isn't potty trained, why should he be, right?

But the decision has been made. He is on kitty probation and has been put in seclusion (well, unless somebody needs to use the toilet or take a shower). This is his final strike.

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