One kid down.

Zachary left early this morning to spend the weekend with my father and Sue at camp. The family camp is over 4 hours away and I am nervous.

When Sue mentioned that they would like to take him I was completely okay with it. Last night, however, I started to get nervous - sick to my stomach, want to throw up nervous. This morning when he left with Kirby to head to my father's I got even more nervous.

I don't know what this is about. Zachary has been spending nights away from home since he was an infant. He has never gone away for a weekend but has spent many nights with my family.

My nephew was also invited to go but he decided against it ("maybe when I'm 7" he told my sister). 2 nights away, 4+ hours from home can be a scary thing for a 6 year old.

Dad called around 12:30 to let me know that they had made it. Zachary sounded exhausted. Sue told me he had a runny nose...I forgot to send his allergy medicine. He will live without it. I rarely have to give it to him but, man, I feel like an awful mother now.

However, with Zachary out of the house, Andrew and I had a great day! Of course, he was with the baby...errr...KID sitter for a good part of the day. He was fun to be with, he listened better, he was happier. We went out for ice cream and walked through downtown (it's Moonlight Madness downtown...that was interesting and we had a few "autistic moments") and right now he is sitting on the couch with Dad watching some television program he shouldn't be watching BUT he is being relatively quiet...well, kind of...

AND tomorrow Kirby and I actually got a sitter for Andrew and are going to go out and have a night to ourselves! I can't even remember the last time that happened (actually, yes I can and a funeral was involved).

One kid down...two more to go :)

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