Rats everywhere are shuddering at the thought...

Since he was able to tell me what he wanted for a haircut Zachary has been growing a "rat tail". His goal was to be just like his Uncle Loren who had a tail from about age 3-13 (when he signed up for ROTC in high school and had to wear a military hair cut).

Friday we went for the boy's regular hair dressers appointment. As soon as we got there I needed to pee and Andrew needed to be changed. I ran through the front, hollered "whatever he wants, Kerri-Lee, I don't care" and took off for the restroom.

I'm sitting on the toilet peeing, trying to stop Andrew from jumping on the scale they have in there when I hear Kerri-Lee, "hey, Erica, I heard the words Mohawk and no tail...you might want to come out". "WHAT??? Alright, I'll be out in a minute".

Sure enough, I get out front, Zachary's sitting in the chair with a smirk on his face and he says, yes, he wants to get rid of his tail and get a Mohawk. I double check, I triple check...yup, that is what he wants.

There is one thing I don't fight my kids on - their hair. I figure I have bigger battles to fight. Hair grows back. I don't care. Kirby may have a different opinion...but when he starts taking them to get their haircuts (or paying for them) then he can make that decision (passive aggressive...maybe).

My only response was "you're telling your grandmother". My mother has some odd, strange attachment to kid's hair. Loren didn't get his first hair cut until people started referring to him as a girl (of course, that could have been the hand-me-down rainbow leg warmers he wore).

Turns out that by "Mohawk" he meant "military". He wanted her to shave the sides and leave the top a little longer. I was thankful because last year we did Mohawk -REAL Mohawk and it took FOREVER to grow out.

My mother took it well and it looks really nice.





Of course, these photos were taken with the old camera (still no touchy, touchy for me).

I will admit, I nearly cried. Whatever he wants, I don't care...but he had been growing this thing for 5+/- years! It was tough...I almost asked her to save it - then I wondered which drawer it would end up in only for one of the kids to find it in years to come and ask "what the heck is this" and for me to respond "I have no stinking idea".

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