Update on Sue

First off, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! It means the world to me to have so many people that love and care about our family.

Sue is doing alright, though things have taken a turn since last I blogged...

On Wednesday January 9th Sue went in for a single mastectomy. They removed the sentinel node (essentially the first lymph node) during her mastectomy with the understanding that if the cancer had spread they would continue removing lymph nodes till they came out clear. Sue's sentinel node was clear, so they didn't have to go any further.

On Tuesday January 15th she went back to her doctor for test results from the surgery on the 9th. She was informed that the sentinel node was, in fact, not clean. She would have to go back into surgery the next day for lymph node removal. She was also informed that the test results have shown that she will, more than likely, need chemotherapy.

Wednesday the 16th Sue went back in for surgery. Once again they ran behind and she was just getting out of surgery around 7pm. While it is considered a day surgery, since it started so late and because she was having a really hard time managing the pain, Sue wasn't able to come home until yesterday afternoon.

I spoke with Sue this morning and she is still, amazingly enough, in good spirits. She said that this time was much harder on her pain wise, either that or the whole ordeal is finally catching up with her. She has an appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday the 29th at which point in time a plan of attack will be decided.

I know that both she and Dad are drained - emotionally and physically. I know it is killing Dad to see Sue in so much pain and I know it is killing Sue to know that she is putting Dad through the pain. What a vicious circle!

Thankfully, Sue's father and sisters are coming into town today (as long as the flight can land in Boston). I think this will be so helpful for everyone. Her family is as strong knit as mine. They rely heavily on each other. It will be good for Sue and Dad to have some more support and it will be good for Sue's father and sisters to be there with her.

Prayers are still in order. Healing green energy is needed. There is a long road ahead but I know that we can get through it.


Jessi said...

So glad to hear that! I was wondering/curious/concerned. I will keep sending healing and supportive thoughts her/your way.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Thanks, Jessi! It has been proven that people who receive prayer recover more quickly than those that don't! We will take all the prayers we can get!