And a New Year's blog...

Two blogs in one day? I know, "crayz", huh?

We have some great family traditions. They are never anything truly spectacular, but the kids look forward to them every year and they expect them to happen.

Every 4th of July we watch the parade (always in front of Carpenter School) and we head down to Brewster Field around 5:30 (the fireworks don't start until 9), we sit in the same spot, eat dinner, play Frisbee and wait for the fireworks while every other family fills in around us.

New Year's Eve is no exception. In years past, before Xander was born, we use to spend the evening with Nicki and Rich. We played games, acted silly and had a great "adult" night. Of course, Nicki and Rich have moved to neverneverland...so now it is a completely kid full evening (which is just as much fun).

Wolfeboro has one of the oldest "First Night" events in NH. While we have never bought the buttons to attend the festivities downtown, we do attend the parade and the fireworks every year (maybe next year). This year, being so close to town, it was nice to be able to walk down and back without fighting traffic.

This year we were also able to add some snowman making with all the snow. It was, really, the first good snowman snow. I didn't get any pictures and the guy who plows the sidewalks knocked him over this afternoon...we will have to try again soon.

The parade is great! Traffic stops (not because the police block it off, but because they don't have a choice, the crowds fill the streets). As the parade passes the bystanders join in and march with them down to the docks. They have HUGE "puppets" and dragons and noise makers and drums. It is so much fun!

As soon as the parade hits the docks the fireworks start. You CAN'T have a bad seat for the fireworks! They last about 15 minutes (not too long) and they are a GREAT show. Andrew, of course, cried when they ended "THEY AREN'T OVER" (he also referred to the Hispanic man standing behind us as Barack Obama - oh the horror!!).

We order Chinese food every year. I don't know why we don't learn. We always order AFTER the fireworks. Of course, everyone else in town is ordering at the same time so we have to wait for an hour.

After Chinese food we watched a movie, put Andrew to bed by 9pm and waited for the ball to drop. About 2 or 3 years ago Zachary decided he was old enough to wait up. While I am not sure this is true, I don't figure it is a big deal for him to stay up that late one night a year. So, he waits with us.

Last night, Tom was still with my dad in Rochester (Tom, Dad and Sue went to camp through the week). Zachary was bored, I was tired and Dad fell asleep on the floor for a while.

We played some UNO, watched Dick Clark (who makes me cry now...the man that NEVER changed in my life time has changed...).

Finally the ball dropped, we did our "champagne" toast (sparkling grape juice) and watched the midnight fireworks from the bedroom.

In bed by 12:30am for Zachy and 1am for Kirby and I.

Ah, the holidays have passed. It is always bittersweet. While I may be a Scrooge, I do look forward to the holidays. When they are over it seems like all we have to look forward to is a LONG, COLD winter.

We did go bowling this week (which we do rarely since it costs an arm and a leg for a family to go). Zachary won...Andrew and I tied (seriously, that is how bad I am). We had a great time, ate dinner at McDonald's and tried to wear them out in the playhouse (to no avail).

Last year we did some sledding at The Nick (which was GREAT) and Kirby started snowmobiling with the kids. We have a second snowmobile this year, which means they can go on longer trips together.

It takes some creative thinking, but we are learning how to enjoy the long winter months without spending too much money and without killing each other...

We do have birthdays coming up and Zachary is making some great friends at school so he has "play dates" nearly every weekend...I am sure that the winter will fly by just like this past year did!


Nicki said...

winter and fly by I am not sure they belong in the same sentence haha. Like I said today maybe next year never never land can come to you for NYE ;)

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