The Kite Runner

I just finished another book. WOW!

The Kite Runner was recently released as a movie and I am not sure that I will watch it. I worry it may tarnish the wonderful thoughts I have as movies often do...

The story starts in Afghanistan in the 1970s and runs through present time. It is narrated by a man remembering his youth and telling the story of his life. Through his eyes you learn to love Afghanistan, their customs and their people.

The story is a mixture between a coming of age story, a story about a young man and his relationship with his father, a love story, a story of longing for a homeland that you knew and a heartbreaking tale of friendship and loss.

While it is a work of fiction, I learned so much! Until 9/11 what I knew of Afghanistan consisted of the National Geographic cover picture of the young Afghan woman - her eyes were, and still are, mesmerizing. But that issue was published in 1985 - I was 7 years old. While we were subscribers to the National Geographic, I wasn't old enough to read and/or comprehend...I just looked at pictures. I will remember that picture for the rest of my life.


After 9/11 what I knew of Afghanistan was not more than that...except what the media told us. When I heard the name Afghanistan I automatically thought Taliban, men with beards, dust, war, women in veils, fighting...now I will think of this young man and his story.

If you haven't read it, you MUST! If you have a desire to learn more about Afghanistan, it's people, their culture, you MUST read this book. This book was so amazing on so many levels!

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