Can you help?

A new Autism Awareness project has started. Buddy Bear will be traveling the world to raise Autism Awareness. This summer he will be visiting Milton, NH. I have been asked to help organize an event to raise Autism Awareness and I am looking for help!

We will be looking for help in every aspect like marketing (getting the word out), sponsors (free stuff and helping raise money), location (we are currently thinking the Commons), etc. Any type of help that you can give, whether you have experience or not, will be incredilby helpful!

If any of you are able to volunteer some time over the next few months to help us organize I would love your help and your ideas!



A note from Buddy's "Mum":

"This project developed from my son's recent interest in maps and learning about new places really. However, it's becoming something so much more. This isn't just for my son, but rather for the one in every 150 diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. As a parent, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is the lack of awareness in others within society. Outings that most of us take for granted can become quite challenging for those with Autism. It is my hope that as people become of aware of Buddy and his travels, they will also take the time to do a little research on Autism and perhaps become involved with one of the many organizations supporting Autism research. But most importantly, the next time you're out in a public place, the grocery store, the bank, post office, or wherever it may be when you witness a child acting out in a manner that may seem "unruly" or "inappropriate" to you, take the time and understand this child may have Autism. And please, don't hesitate to offer that parent a compassionate glance, a kind word, or even a gentle touch upon the shoulder. Never underestimate the power of human compassion. Autism affects us all."

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